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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Feelin' Foolish

This is David's least favorite day of the year because it is one of MY most favorite:
April Fool's Day!

I still smile when I remember the year that David, near tears, asked me to "please" not pull anymore pranks on him. I had started his morning by putting Saran Wrap on the showerhead, the toilet, the faucet, and his toothbrush, so he had a bunch of unwrapping to do just to get ready for work.

What is it about April Fool's Day that has me brainstorming in giggles? I get all giddy inside getting ready for it! I'm usually up the night before rigging up the house as David is turning in. One year, I rubberbanded the sink sprayer so that it would spray someone just turning on the water, and I forgot about it and sprayed myself. I had to hurry and change so as not to give myself away. I learned not to set pranks up too soon before I'm ready for bed.

Here's one Kiki pulled a few years ago when she lived in The Hood.

Here's a prank I saw in Lee's photostream.

And here's one I saw quoted on "My wife packed me a lunch and put cardboard in where the meat should have been. I took a bite at a crowded table and sat there being laughed at with the card board sticking out of my mouth with "April fool" wrote on it! She got me good!"

(I admit I chuckled even more because of "wrote on it" and "she got me good.")

Back to Dave a couple years ago.
I had played prank after prank on him throughout the day and he was so utterly and emotionally exhausted from all the surprises that he was relieved that night to just go to bed. I was finishing up brushing my teeth trying not to giggle when I heard Dave let out an exasperated sigh, "Can't you just let this day be over?"

Ah... the classic short-sheeted bed.


Heidi said...

I soo don't enjoy this day, either. I did my best this morning by putting blue food coloring in the bottom of the bowls of Lucky Charms. No one noticed the bright blue milk. I did my best. :(

Joyful Mother of Children said...

Well, my conniving paid off! Mackenzie took a test for me, and wouldn't you know SHE'S PREGNANT!!! LOL (I know, I know, it's not secret) But when I told Russ I'd been feeling a little dizzy lately (he totally knows what THAT means) and that I'd bought a pregnancy test at the dollar store today he said, "well go ahead and take it, now you've got me thinking about it". So I "did". And when I handed him the results you shoulda seen his face!

Gas to dollar store: $2.00
Pregnancy test: $1.00
Price to fix hole in wall: $100 (JK)
Therapy bill: $1200
Russ' face: Priceless

So, he's a little ticked at me now and I'll probably be sleeping on the couch tonight, but it was fun!

Jackie (updated profile) said...

Adhis, you trickster you! You have given me so many great ideas!!!! (evil laugh)

(Gra)Ma Adhis said...

My boys enjoyed playing tricks on each other. It started early in the morning when George called some friends and told them to call Ty and wish him a Happy B-Day (it wasn't) His phone rang clear till afternoon.
Then Ty seranwraped George's car. but when they came in laughing together when George found out... Ty reached for some Oreos in George's room. He didn't know they made them minty---George laughed... he had replaced the filling with toothpaste. Jonathan's full closet got reduced to 1/4 by seranwrapping all the hanging clothes. The party we though was over after all the work and giggles. And Justin came by to visit and reached for some left over cookies.... The round of laughter came back with louder echoes.
I like to see people having fun, but I have to admit that some people can take pranks better than others and to those that can't take pranks so well..... they just have to be introduced into the fun GRADUALLY.

(Gra)Ma Adhis said...

Adhis, Perhaps David wanted to skip the April Fool's onslaught this year :)

Utah_Dave said...

I remember feeling relieved as I was getting into bed. I could finally relax after a LONG day of being pranked... then I realized I had been short-sheeted. Crap! Please, no more!

:) Luckily I was out of town this year!

sarahandtim said...

you're a funny wild card, Adhis!

Kristen said...

I informed Ben at the beginning of our marriage (before in fact) that if he wanted the marriage to work, he would NOT pull pranks or scare me. Ever. Boring I know but I'm still scarred for life from my big brother's antics. We live a life of comfort and trust. Boring? Maybe. =o)