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Sunday, March 8, 2009

The Air

Wow! Time flies! I thought it had been a week since I blogged and it has actually been a mini-millenium!

I went to Phoenix for a week for business training and decided to also see Dave's grandparents out in the area while we were at it.

Dave's grandfather likes to stay up "with the times," so he has a cell phone. I say "has" as in he owns one and it has a service contract on it and it is in his house. Grandpa doesn't turn it on though. The cell phone is his palm-sized ham radio, and he keeps it off so the minutes don't accidentally slip away and cost him a fortune.

The day before our road trip to Phoenix, Grandpa wanted to make sure we found Arizona alright and said, "I will turn my cell phone on in the afternoon, so don't call until the afternoon."

We didn't mention that we could just call his home phone; that would ruin the allure of his fancy walkie-talkie. So, on our travel day, we had a 4-hour window when Grandpa's phone would be on, and by golly, we had to call it.

Half way through the drive, Dave made the all-important call. Yes, we're on our way. Yes, we're safe. I was disappointed that Dave didn't end the call with "over and out."

A few days later, during the visit, Grandpa saw David's G1 phone but didn't know it was a phone.

I think he thought it was an electronic organizer of sorts and to be hip and up "with the times," he asked about how to go about getting one for himself and putting the scriptures on it. Dave explained he could just download the scriptures right then and there.

Grandpa: You don't have to connect it to the computer?
David: No.
Grandpa: Where are you getting them (the scriptures) from?

Amused by this interchange, I piped in, "From the air."

Grandpa: From the air??
Me: Yes, just like radio waves are always present in the air.
Grandpa: How the heck will that work??

I smiled.

Me: Prayers travel through the air and they seem to work fine, don't they?

Grandpa thought on this, then asked, "well, how do I know they'll be right? What if there's a mistake?"

Clearly, if the scriptures are just coming from the air, they might get jumbled up in an air current, and then he would read a mixed-up scripture, and he would be led astray and his soul would be forever condemned.

Me: Read them and when you get to a mistake, call David.

Grandpa thought about what I said then his concerned face softened, and he chuckled. The granddaughter-in-law was pulling his leg.

A couple minutes later, David happened to say something about making a call and that's when Grandpa realized the contraption was a phone. "Lemme see that."

Dave handed the G1 to him.

"I don't see a phone," complained Grandpa.

Dave asked for the G1 back, opened the dialing screen, and handed the phone back to Grandpa.

Grandpa looked at this "thing." I could hear his brain whirring. What else could this futuristic device do?

"Can you put music on it?" he asked.

"Yes," said David, "but I haven't uploaded any music onto it."

I mentioned YouTube and Dave's face lit up.

He asked Grandma, who had been contentedly listening to the conversation from her recliner, what her favorite band was.

Grandma: Glen Miller. Glen with one 'n', not the new way they spell it now with two "n's."

Dave: What song?

Grandma: "In the Mood."

Dave pulled up a YouTube video of the Glenn* Miller Orchestra and passed it to Grandma who promptly put the phone up to her ear and smiled.

David: Grandma, it's a video. You can watch it.

She continued smiling with the phone against her ear.

Dave pulled the phone away and showed her the screen. She smiled then put the phone back up to her ear. She tapped her leg to the beat and drifted off to the 1940's.

Isn't it amazing what we can pull out of thin air these days?

[Posted song: "In the Mood" by Glenn Miller Orchestra]

* While Glen Miller was indeed born as Glen (with one N), his name was later changed to Glenn (with two N's) and that has always been the spelling of his orchestra's name.


Heidi said...

Oh...I loved this! It is sooo my mom!

bananaberry128 said...

u r toooo funny! good time good times :)

Katy said...

They are so cute! And good-natured, too, to put up with your leg-pulling. ;-)

Sarah said...

Grandparents are adorable. Don't you just want to put them in your pocket and bring them home with you?

(Gra)Ma Adhis said...

Just you wait, in just a little time Baby Dhis will be the one pulling your leg and who knows you'll be tapping your feet with a holografic of Pink Floyd or some other geek. :D

Jackie (updated profile) said...

Wow. My MOM is still totally mystified by remote controls and using a debit to pay for gas.

TheOrttFamily said...

I love the way you tell stories...I could just sit curled up in a blanket and read always make me laugh with the things you come up with...silly Ahdis...

Kat said...

That is such a cute story, and they look like such a fun couple. :) Glad you got there and back safe. I loved seeing you at church yesterday. Baby Dhis is growing like a weed!

chelon:) said...

hehe!! i love older people!! my grandpa is actually one of those 86 year old computer savvt people. he is alone and that is his connection to the world. so when i get one of his forwarded emails that he has sent to me several times (because he doesnt remember) then i know that he is ok! gotta love them cute folks!

sarahandtim said...

I haven't laughed so hard all day, Adhis! This is absolutely fabulous! I love the part about listening to the youtube video - fantastic memories, thanks for sharing!

sicntwistd said...

I think it would be quite fun to drop YOU in the middle of a retirement home for a day and see how many legs you'll have at the end of the day. ;)

steelebjm said...

Next time you head down to the Arizona, look me up! I'll feed you lunch!

Kristen said...

I KNEW I didn't trust you people who read scriptures on your futuristic devices! =o)

Thanks for the chuckles.

kristen said...

Holy crap! That is the cutest story ever! You totally rock at telling a good story. Grandparents are the coolest! They are a very cute couple