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Monday, February 9, 2009

Top Achievers at San Francisco (2009)

(This post is for those who were not able to go to the San Francisco event and wanted me to tell them how it went. I can only do that to some degree, everything else is for face-to-face conversations.)

I got back from San Francisco for the Top Achievers event last night!
Wow and sigh.

The trip started with being half-way to the airport Friday morning and receiving a call from Delta stating that my flight was being delayed 1.5 hours which meant I would arrive at SanFran 15 minutes before the event started. I had them move me to another airline.

When I arrived at the airport, I was notified that the new flight, along with ALL flights into San Francisco, were being delayed indefinitely. And since I had just changed my flight plans in the last hour AND all I had was a carry-on, I fell into the "extra screening" category: my bag, my person, my electronics, my shoes. You know the drill.

Then, I waited.

During the several-hour wait, some Isagenix associates I had never met recognized me and plopped themselves next to me in the waiting area. So, I made new friends!

A passenger eavesdropping on our conversation called his wife's attention to us. I traded contact info with them and will call them this week to help them save some money on products. (They are already using them.) This was a ray of sunshine in a literally cloudy day.

We got to the event an hour late (not as bad as the people who got re-routed and got to the event a few hours late) but it was all good. It's always better to arrive alive!

Dr. Bill Wheeler announced the new cleanse flavor, "Tropical Berry," in his own special way.

The medical board held a panel discussion. Among many things, we learned how to use the IsaDelight chocolates, the Ionix, and the Want More Energy to boost... um... intimacy.

Aubrey took some photos of me with a few of my favorite millionaires. My current financial goal is to join them before 2009 is through, specifically, to earn $702,000 by July 30th. Please, hold me accountable, y'all.

First Row: Jimmy, George, Susan
Second Row: LeAnn, Randi, Peter, Jay

A few of them remembered me and said, "Adhis! It's so good to see you're back!" It's nice to be remembered, isn't it? I committed to getting better at doing that for other people.

The main thing I came out with from this training is
"Love is the element that changes people."
That wasn't specifically mentioned, but it is what I felt. My purpose is to invite people to hope. If they are happy where they currently are, the invitation still stands. :)

I had a good time with friends, sharing plans, goals and laughs.
First Row: George, Nathalie, Adrianne
Second Row: Aubrey, Nathalie, Laura

One of the things Aubrey wanted was a "special" photo with Dr. Denis Harper. In a video we use often in presentations, Dr. Harper says "you don't want to give products to your patients and then have them die" which always makes us giggle. So, Aubrey mentioned this to Dr. Harper, then asked, "So, would you pose in the picture like you're strangling me?"
He complied.

Another person Aubrey wanted a photo with was Cindy Huegly, who retired her husband a year ago. Well, while we were chatting, the inventor of BubbaGum came by handing out some of his candy. And... yeah...

I love this photo of Aubrey with Lenny Evans. (Thanks, Aubrey for taking photos for me!)

One of many nice touches of the event was when David Wood took a break for "story time." He picked random people in the audience to come up and share their stories. I loved cheering for everyone's successes. There was a lady who was ecstatic because she made her first $52.16. She was thankful down to the penny for her new adventure, and I cheered for her marvelous new journey and for everyone else's places in theirs.

Here are two of our founders. Can you believe she's 59, and he's 62?? They look even better in person! These guys stay on top of their health!

Some of my favorite presentations were by Susan Sly, Jay Bennett, and Jimmy "The Butcher" Smith. I think you guys would have loved them, too! Throughout the event and on the way home in the airport, I asked people "What was your favorite part about this weekend?" Consistently, the top two faves mentioned were Jimmy and Susan's presentations, then everyone varied on their third. (It's freakin' hard to get a photo of Jimmy when he's on stage; he's always moving! Hard to believe he's turning 81 this spring!)

Some more cool folks: Jim Rhoades, Kim Olson, and Lenny.

This dessert at one of our luncheons was so pretty, I had to take a photo. Then, I enjoyed it. :)

One of the awakenings I experienced this weekend was when a couple was talking about the amount of volume they saw in their business. I began mentally doing the math in regards to my business. Imagine my surprise and my SHOCK when I realized my team generated over $1.5M in sales last year! Holy crap. I did the math on paper over and over again, just to make sure.

That news, among a few other blessings I uncovered, sent me to tears. I felt so blessed and came to a full realization of my past ingratitude. I seriously cried. Today, I still stand amazed.

I am so thankful for all the people who have taken on this great mission to lift people up and free them from pain, physical and financial. I feel so blessed indeed.


bananaberry128 said...

alright isegenix queen , or however u spell it, i would be interested in that thing you mentioned you drink in the the product sweetend with corn syrup or artificial sweetners? I need an optimal weight loss/energy product. I am not good at bunches of things. I have a hard time with keeping up with witch herb I take at what time of day....what do you suggest...?

congrats on your succes.

No fair on the trio to the bay! I was raised there. I miss it and envy all that visit.
luv ya girl-shan

Adhis said...

Banana: I would love to go back to San Fran and sightsee!
And no, none of the products we have are sweetened with corn syrup or artificial sweeteners. When is the best time to call you?

Heidi said...

Yeah for you! Sounds like fun! I always love going to convention with Jeramy to see the passion people have for their products. You rock! (I wasn't sure if you guys were back or not last night and I didn't want to show up and have a nice weigh in with your hubby..)

Kristen said...

Oh, you look so professional! I always knew there was that side to you. Way to go and good luck.

And I never even knew you were gone. Sneaky!

Jackie (updated profile) said...

What products do you sell and what do they do?

bananaberry128 said...

Antime! Anytime!

sarahandtim said...

Looks like you had a blast at the Isagenix convention! My good friend Cody Braithwaite works with Don Nooner, apparently Isagenix's first millionaire! Such nice guys.

You go, girl!

Adhis said...

This was a training. (Convention is in August. Wanna come?)
Yeah, I know Don! Cindy (the blonde posing with the Bubba teeth) is his daughter!

Sing it with me...
It's a small, small world...

Cooper Family said...

I know you don't know me but I am one of Heidi's friends. I like to read your blog. I got on today and found out that you do the Isagenix stuff. I was introduced to this by a lady in Kamas but she is so far away. I was wondering how you are doing with the products? And would love to recieve some more information. You can just leave me a comment on my blog if you could get me some more info. I am not one to sign up and sell the stuff. I just don't have anybody to share it with. It is so pricy and those around me just don't have the finances to accomadate it at this time. I would just like to order the products.