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Friday, February 6, 2009

I love her


When I pat her back to burp her, I always burp first.

We have no television, so whenever I play a video on the computer, her eyes lock on.

Her eyes and hair were supposed to be brown.
A funny thing happened while trying on genes...

Her face lights up when I hold up outfits for her.

She has 10 fingers, but she only needs one to explore with.

She can barely keep her eyes open late at night but put her on the changing table and she gets a surge of energy: she gets a big smile on her face, flops around like a fish out of water, and flaps her arms like a baby chick.

When I lay her down in her crib for a nap, she always puts her hands behind her head (because that is, of course, the universal pose for relaxation).

She likes having her photo taken... until she doesn't.

I love her.


Heidi said...

She is quite possibly the cutest baby ever! Such great pictures!

Aubrey said...

To quote myself on facebook: "A-FREAKIN-DORABLE!"

Love her, she's so CUTE!

Lyns said...

I love her too. :)

chelon:) said...

super sweet!

JennyFer said...

I can see why! Sooo cute!!

Kristen said...

Isn't it the funny little details that tweak your heart the most?

Baby Dhis has the perfect animated features for pictures. What a cutie. By the way, I don't think most babies take the relaxation pose. =o)

Kristen said...

ps - Poor Indy! Does HE get excited when you hold up an outfit for him?

TDawgYo said...

awww me. soooooooo sweet.

Katy said...

Yep. VERY lovable.

bananaberry128 said...

o geese! too cute!
ive been a slacker on the bloggin lately.
scary on the near death thingy woha!
i cant afford to go to the store for fresh fruit all the time.
i like frozen organic-nothing added fruit for shakes and costco has stretch island fruit leather (all fruit) and some yummy freeze dried apples, strawberrie-banana packs! yum-whole fruit-longer shelve life-my fav!
your lookin hot in your pics too!

sarahandtim said...

She is cute as a button. What an adorable post.

steelebjm said...

Hey, it's steelem stalking you from the board. I LOVE the picture of her napping. That is sweet. I love babies.

Kat said...

She is so cute. This is a cute post. I love how big her eyes get. She is very photogenic. I also love the bandana on your dog. It is the same fabric that I got to make our Valentine's pillowcases out of. LOL :) Good choice!