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Sunday, December 21, 2008

Family Christmas Photo

Adhis: Ok, I've got the timer ready. Hold the baby. We've gotta have the dog; he's family.


David: Hey! I wasn't looking!
Adhis: I wasn't ready either. I'll grab the dog quicker this time.


Adhis: She keeps looking at the dog. One more.


Adhis: Hm.
David: Forget the dog.
Adhis: OK.


Adhis: She's still looking at the dog.
David: What's with the hook thing in your hair?
Adhis: I'll get her to look at the camera. BabyDhis, look! (snap, snap)


Adhis: That's not working. How about we just hold the camera up close?
David: OK.

David: Uh, that's too close.
Adhis: Oops, I had it zoomed in. Wipe her face.


David: I'm barely squeezing into the photo. We've gotta leave for church soon.
Adhis: OK, one more.
David: OK.


Adhis: (sigh) Good enough?
David: Good enough.

Ciao, everyone!
May your Christmas be good enough!


Kat said...

I love your new family photo! It is so cute. :) I also love baby Dhis' dress. It is adorable. Thanks for the chat today at church. I might just have to have you over for a "play date" when Brinley's therapist are there. LOL

Heidi said...

love it. this is life. Life is good enough!

Amannda Ashby said...

This was the frist year that I didn't get it together to have someone around to snap some family photos, so for the first time we used the timer. I'll just say one thing it does get a little easier when the kids are old enough to understand "If you don't stop and sit still, look at the camera, and smile you are all going to be in big trouble." The crazy thing was that we did it just before leaving for church. Hey, how many times do you really want to get everyone dressed and faces washed. We ended up on the hard seats, but the picture got done! Your family looks great MERRY CHRISTMAS.

Kristen said...

Awww! So sweet! They were all precious really.

Did you consider having the dog hold the camera? She would have looked at him!

Stocking stuffer idea for Baby Dhis: Tights for church. Poor little baby legs! (Okay we got to church without Nicole's coat, so who am I to talk?) Love her headband.

chelon:) said...

super cute!! i kind of like the 6th one!! she looks very alert :) MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Adhis said...

Kristen, I actually did consider something along those lines. I pushed the couch the dog was sitting on next to the tripod so the baby would look in that direction. As I was sitting down next to Dave, I told Indy to push the button. He wouldn't. (Stubborn dog.)

Jenn said...

Love to hear the story of how to get a good family picture. Maybe next year I'll try. Thanks for sharing them all. Your family is beautiful!

Kristen said...

Your handwriting is gorgeous. How did I never notice that? Hmmm. Thanks for the card!

Kristen said...

Me again... I'm dying to see pictures of Baby's First Christmas!

(I couldn't bug you about it until I had mine done.)

sarahandtim said...

Darling spread of Christmas photos. I actually really like the too zoomed photo :)

PS: we're not at ANTV anymore actually. Tim and I both left over the summer and are happily employed in Orem for a tech and marketing company respectively. Hope you're well!