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Monday, November 3, 2008

Something's Fishy

I'm writing because I bought tuna. Generic tuna. I've bought generic tuna for years, specifically, forever. I buy name brand only when it is on sale for less than generic. But today, generic tuna really let me down.

I went grocery shopping at a huge place that starts with a "W" and rhymes with "Talmart." The Great Value tuna that used to be 45¢ and would occasionally go on sale for 33¢, has been 50¢ for the last year.

Today, I reached for the Great Value and noticed the price was 68¢. I had planned on buying four cans, but the price threw me off. I grabbed two cans. I looked at the cans. Something looked off. "The label is smaller." Huh.
When I got home, I unloaded the groceries and was putting things away when I pulled out the tuna. Something was bugging me about it.


I ran downstairs to the food storage room and grabbed one of the cans of tuna there and brought it back to the kitchen.

Not only has the cost of a can gone up AT LEAST 18¢, the amount of food in a can has gone down by 1 ounce, making each can cost 26.5¢ more than a month ago! Holy mackerel!
I had noticed the bread we buy went up a dollar a loaf. I noticed the red bell peppers costing over $1 each. I had noticed the toilet paper pack we purchase went up about 60¢. But I thought I could always count on the trusty chicken of the sea. The label after all reads "Great Value." I believed it.

This stinks.


Heidi said...

Literally, right? This stinks...tuna. Never mind. I Hate when this happens! My amazing Taget diapers used to have 118 in it for the same price. I noticed that the bags inside didn't seem as full. What do you know - less diapers, same box.

islandgirl said...

WOW, everyone is doing this! We noticed it on our favorite ice cream, Dreyers! The boxes size dropped significantly less, but not the price. We've switched to Breyers now! Or just the cheap stuff!

Kristen said...

So the depression you're looking forward to isn't sounding so appealing anymore?

Adhis said...

I'm still looking forward to it!
What I wonder now is how Cool Whip continued to be so affordable that grandmas and grandpas could collect a gazillion containers.

I guess tuna will continue to go up in price as long as it is being sold in unreusable containers.

Kat said...

Good grief! I knew they had done that with ice cream, but tuna fish?! Sheesh! What will they do next?

Jenn said...

I saw this on Get Gephart. I guess they figure you would notice the price increase but not the size.