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Monday, November 3, 2008

Rocking Around the Cornstalks

This morning, I turned on the radio for Baby Dhis and heard "Just hear those sleigh bells jingling, ring-ting-tingling, too. Come on, it's lovely weather for a sleigh ride together with you..."

AAAACK! What?? Huh?

I handed out Halloween treats just three days ago! Christmas music already?!
After the song ended, the radio station announced, "You're rocking around the Christmas tree with FM--"
NO, I'm NOT!

My Christmas tree is in a bag in the basement AS IT SHOULD BE!! I'm rocking around the Halloween creatures still at my front door. I'm rocking around a decorated pumpkin. I'm rocking around Thanksgiving plans. I'm not rocking around the tanenbaum and won't be for AT LEAST three weeks!

Next Halloween, I suppose I'll be hanging mistletoe with the spiders and handing out candy canes to the trick-or-treaters. It's only a matter of a handful of years before the kids start school and then are sent on their Winter Holiday Break the following week. Why not extend Christmas into July already so we don't have to worry about snow when traveling to Grandma's house??

This is almost worse than over-priced shrunken cans of tuna!


Aubrey said...

I agree with you! I'm such a Scrooge about Christmas until after Thanksgiving!

Heidi said...

Awww, come on ladies! We've had our tree up since school started - it's tradition. Just kidding! I can't stand this, either. I used to work at the mall and while the trick or treaters would be out, the mall people would be frantically putting up decorations like they were going to miss Christmass if they didn't hurry. Try being FORCED to listen to the blessed Christmas music every day for over 9 hours. YUCK!

Katy said...

I'm so with you! I could not believe it when I heard Christmas music on the radio today.

I was at the store today and noticed that not only is the Halloween merchandise on clearance (makes sense), but also the Thanksgiving merchandise - you know, that little holiday that is still THREE WEEKS away!! It is being cleared out to make room for the Christmas stuff. Absolutely crazy that the Christmas season (which I truly love - at the appropriate time) begins so soon!

Englishfam said...

You are all haters! I can't get enough of the Christmas music. I do listen to it all year long though so I guess I'm the weird one. It just makes me happy, so Kosy will be on at my house from here on out!

Kristen said...

If we get to celebrate it for two months, that's 1/6 of the year! Bring it on!

At least the music. Because really, what THANKSGIVING music are you listening to? That's what I thought.

Note to self: Don't send Christmas cards to above listed friends until after December 1st.

Adhis said...

I can’t believe you’re not listening to Thanksgiving music! Everyone’s familiar with “Prayer of Thanksgiving” and “Turkey in the Straw,” but there are also those forgotten Thanksgiving tunes:

"The Cranberry Sauce is a-Jigglin’ and the Dinner Bell’s a-Ringing"

"Little Pilgrims and Tiny Indians"

"Gobble, Gobble, Gobble, Tom Turkey is in Trouble"

"Pass the Pie"

and the modern remake of that old hymn

"We Can’t Stay Late, We’re Going Christmas Shopping in the Morning" by the Backstreet Boys.

Anyway, that’s what’s on my iPod.

Kat said...

LOL, I love your iPod list. He he he. :) I love Christmas, but I do agree with you. The Christmas music should wait till after Thanksgiving. It's like the shopping industry doesn't even thing that Thanksgiving exists anymore. Sad, sad. Especially since it is a wonderful holiday.

bananaberry128 said...

bah humbug! christmas is in december. RELAX! enjoy your life w/o stress, debt , calories & rude bleepin shoppers and drivers.

Jenn said...

Christmas is AFTER Thanksgiving. Let's give thanks before celebrating Christmas.