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Saturday, November 22, 2008

Looking for a Monkey Husband

Do you have a monkey with electrical experience?
Do you have a husband who is careful and not afraid of heights?
Better yet, do you have a careful and experienced monkey husband?

I want Christmas lights put up on my house ASAP.
This is the house. (The photo is a few years old, but the house hasn't grown any taller since.)

The concern is getting up on the high area above the garage.

This is where I'd like Christmas lights:

My husband won't do it, and the guy who did it for us the first year wants to charge us more.

The first year we had lights put up, the guy got on the roof of the porch with a ladder. Then he pulled the ladder up and set it on the porch's roof to climb up to the highest point of the house.

We have the lights, the hooks, and the extension cords already. We just need your monkey husband or (so as not to discriminate) your monkey self to climb up and put everything up this week and take it down on a safe day in January.

I will pay the lights monkey around $50 to do it, but I am a little flexible with the price. (I'm a LOT flexible if they want to charge less). And I would like the interested installer to sign a waiver that essentially states if they fall and crack their head open, we're not liable. Our insurance doesn't cover Christmas monkeys. Easter monkeys, sure.

Pass the word around. Ideally, I'd like this done in the next few days before the forecasted snow/rain.

Robbers and murderers need not apply.


chelon:) said...

my lights monkey is non-existent unless i include myself. i will be responsible for puting up lights on my house. that is, if i put up lights!! good luck! :)

Kristen said...

Nightmares... Definitely can't help you there.

I DID however see a commercial for an extension rod with a clip thingy at the end that is supposed to make it possible to hang lights without a ladder. It was at Ace or Home Depot I think. We use a thing like it to change our high light bulbs.

Of course I'd choose paying the $50 too so good luck!!!

sarahandtim said...

I actually have a friend with a concierge business who has a lights specialist to decorate with Christmas lights. If you like, I can get you in touch with her to see if this would be a good fit for you two. Is there a good number to reach you at?

Kat said...

Sorry, no little monkeys at this house. But if I do see any, I will definately tell them that you are looking for one. Maybe the Barneys could come over and help you. Although, you might end up with a big "U" on your roof. LOL :)

Chef James said...

I am with Dave, I keep telling Heather that I can not do the very top of our house but she does not believe me. So no monkey here either.

Utah_Dave said...

Adhis told me yesterday that I was also eligible for the $50 if I put up the lights.

"$50 cash?" "Yes, $50 cash".

I'm suddenly feeling monkeyish.