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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Hello, body!

I'm back to my pre-pregnancy weight! HOOORAY!
I fit in most of my pre-pregnancy clothes! HOORAY!
It seems most of my clothes are WAYYYY out of style! BOOOO! Hisss...!
Anybody need some baggy corduroy pants and polyester peasant shirts?

What a relief to no longer wear maternity clothes! However, I will admit that I wore mine longer because it was awfully nice not having to worry about whether my zipper was up or not and whether I could undo my belt fast enough when the need to pee was urgent. Bye-bye, blue belly panel! Hello, belts!

Now, I am focusing on building my body strength back up. HOORAY! Just in time for the holidays!

First, to be clear, I have not done any dieting (gag-- never!), extreme workouts, or nutritional cleansing to boost my progress since I am still breastfeeding the bambina. I have only been moderate in my behavior.


Yeah, I... (get this)... eat when I'm hungry. And I stop eating when I am satisfied.

"GASP! She must be a witch!

Second, when I eat, I eat things that are the most satisfying in the least amount of bites, meaning I eat naturally filling foods. This usually involves eating a variety at one meal. It takes a smaller serving of chicken, whole grain pasta, and green salad to feel full than when eating only a large platter of white pasta with sauce.

"She IS a witch!"

Third, I'm addressing the sugar dependence I created during my pregnancy of gummy worms and ice cream. I was inspired by Sheree's 100 sugar-less days to go 100 days of "less sugar." I eat sugar only on special occasions, parties, and celebrations instead of every day that I am confronted with delectables. I'm on Day 24 and have found it liberating! It's amazing how programmed I was to eat a treat just because someone offered one. Another side effect of "less sugar" days is that it also helps cut out the unhealthy fats that usually accompany baked goods.

"Witch! Burn her! BURN HERRRR!"

Once in a while, I may eat something sucrose-inspired, but it is definitely a treat and not one of my meals. (And yes, I have done that!) (Ice cream for breakfast, anyone?) (Cookies for lunch, anyone?) (Ice cream AND cookies for dinner, anyone?)

You know what's better than having my body return to it's previous state? Being free! I am free from the bondage of food addiction. I feel powerful when I eat what my body wants and not a serving more. It is much more satisfying to eat and not have the pained full stomach after a meal. Success is never having to regret what I ate! There is freedom in eating a treat when I crave a treat and being truly guilt-free because I know I have been eating well.

In addition, I am increasing trust in myself when I DO what I say I believe in. I feel better when I eat nutrient-dense foods because it is in alignment with my goals to be healthy. I feel great when I go for a walk with my baby because it is in alignment with my views about taking care of our blessed bodies. And I feel wonderful knowing that I am becoming more and more of my potential and paving the path for my daughter to be free of food addiction, self-inflicted illness, and an unhealthy body image. Can you feel this way, too? You betcha!

I hope you will all enjoy Thanksgiving this week with your families and traditions. Really enjoy it! This is a time to celebrate gratitude for our many blessings and for God's bounteous hand. Instead of gobbling everything down, enjoy your favorite foods! While you eat them, chew them and totally sit with them. Rise to a Zen-like state as you taste the flavors, as you feel the textures, as you smell those delicious aromas. Meditate in the celebration of a bounty of food and shout "MMMmmm... This is SOOOO GOOD!" There's no hurry. The food will get to your belly soon enough!

Food is a gift. Treat it with that kind of reverence and it will reciprocate by blessing your body and mind.

Happy Giving of Thanks!


Peaches said...

YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL! What is your weight now? 120?
go girl!!
ready for the next one now;)

Aubrey said...

You GO girl! I"m totally impressed! Thanks for the lesson/reminder about eating n' stuff :)

Happy Thanksgiving!

Kristen said...

Way to go!!!

I love how well you describe this lifestyle. It's how I do things (usually) and frankly it's very misunderstood by the general population.

If you want to see my nerves shoot through the roof, go ahead and tell me that I'm "lucky" that I'm "thin." I don't think people realize that it's an insult and a loaded statement. I eat right. I exercise. I pay attention to my body. Lucky? Bull.

But of course I smile and politely say thank you. Maybe I'm luckier than some, but I could look a whole lot worse if I made different choices. Normal choices. My body is a gift and I intend to fuel and exercise it as one.

Whew I've had that on my back for a looong time. =o) Sorry, a pregnant day. I'm neither lucky nor thin while I'm pregnant. I just outgrew my pouch pants!

Rachel said...

Adhis, I posted the recipe for you. :o) Rachel

Happy Eating!

Mariah said...

I can't believe you choose chicken and veggies over pasta. Of course, I have strong pasta preferences, so that's why I run.

Mariah said...
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bananaberry128 said...

emotional eating dissorder? i should have wrote a book. i hate that prison.
any fake sugar is worse for your body than anything. unless you are preserving your insides for mumification.