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Saturday, November 1, 2008


I LOVE Halloween! I wish it was also tonight.

With the accumulated exhaustion of a month's worth of non-sleep, I wasn't able to throw much energy into dressing up and getting into character, but I still had fun!

At about 3 p.m. Halloween afternoon, as I was putting up some last minute decorations at the front door, a boy and a woman quietly walked up to me.

"Hi," I said. They just looked at me. I waited. Nothing. "Oh! Are you trick-or-treating??"

"Yeah," said the mom. "He has a Halloween party later on today, so we're going around early."

Yeah, just a little. It should be illegal to trick-or-treat before 4 p.m. Seriously. At that hour, shouldn't the kid be home watching an after-school special on TV? (Do they even have those anymore? What will all the latch-key kids do???)

At about 5:30pm, we went to my friend Summer's home for a pre-trick-or-treating get-together. (That there is a lot of hyphens.) We actually got there at 5:45pm, which wouldn't be so bad except we were the ones bringing the cups and bowls for the food and drink brought by everyone else who arrived earlier. LIKE ON TIME! How lame were we??? That lame.

After dinner, dessert, and delightsome conversations, we hurried back home to handout magic and awe. As the night progressed, I noticed a lot of kids did not bother to say "trick-or-treat" this year, so once in a while, I'd open the door and just stare at them. Then, I'd ask, "Can I help you?" or "Are you here to sell me a vacuum cleaner?" Some kids blinked back at me like "Nutso, it's Halloween." Others would giggle, and then I'd say, "why are you guys here?"

This year, again, I had a platter with about 12 different types of toys and candy, so it would take forever for kids to decide what they wanted to get. Each year, I say I'll remember next year to narrow down the options, but each year, I get caught up with buying a variety of things (for boys, for girls, for big kids, for little kids, etc.).

The most memorable trick-or-treater last night was a boy about 7 years old. I was at the moment being swamped by a surge of kids. This boy came up to where I was crouching, took a (I kid you not) half-second glance at the tray, scowled, and said "I DON'T LIKE THOSE!" He pivoted around and stomped off my porch. Yeah. I guess I didn't get the memo listing your preferences, Speedy Platter Scan Boy.

I convinced Daddy to take Baby Dhino treat scavenging for mommy. (That girl's gotta earn her keep!) Daddy was shy about taking an infant around, so I ended up with a spattering of things.

Next year, I'll have to set a quota for Daddy and Dhis.

Meanwhile, all you mommies worried about eating too much candy in these next few days, feel free to leave bags of excess goodies on my doorstep. I'm here to help you out.


Aubrey said...

I think I had that same trick or treater! Not cool, kiddo, not cool.

I wish I had made it around to your house before we got rained out! Sounds like you had some fun stuff!

Sheree said...

Monet said to me, "You know that house with the REALLY long line? Well it was because they were giving TOYS! They had like pencils and balls and stuff." She showed me her cool ball. She was VERY happy with the selection and quite impressed! Good job Adhis!

TDawgYo said...

oh my god. you're baby is too cute to begin with, but in that little dino costume she is to die for.

Lyns said...

Wow - you posted some amazingly cute kids and a WONDERFUL picture of me! How did you figure out how to get the exact same expression on me and Bosten's face?

Englishfam said...

I will have you know that I had Dave and Dhis pick out atleast 3 extra candies for you. Dave must have eaten them on the way home...

chelon:) said...

toys?? wow have really outdone yourself!! love baby dhis' costume!

Kat said...

What fun pictures! :) Your house was a blast to go to. Caden would not go anywhere near the spider on your porch. LOL He thought it was alive.

Kristen said...

I will have you know that I have felt guilty EVERY time I've "stolen" one of my kids' Halloween candies, because in a previous post YOU said it was stealing. So I actually ask their permission this year. "Can I please have that big one? It's really hard to chew." And now I find out that YOU are stealing - and you even planned it ahead of time. Last time I let you set the standards. =o)

Time to go eat my heart out while the kids are asleep.

Adhis said...

I'm not stealing! I told Baby Dhis in advance that she needed to go out and get Mommy some candy and that she would get some later via feedings.
When she came back with a small handful, I told her that was not enough and sent her back out into the rain. She knew exactly what the arrangement was!

Mel said...

I think that picky little trick-or-treater might have been my son. Sorry! You will have to read about it on my blog. He's a weird kid!