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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Election Humor

Just laugh! It's almost over!

How to pretend you care about the election:

Homer Simpson casts his vote

John McCain on Saturday Night Live: Last-Minute Campaign Strategies

Saturday Night Live spoofs the first presidential debate.

Palin Rap: Sarah Palin on Saturday Night Live

The Empire Strikes Barack

John McCain on Saturday Night Live; The QVC Skit


Heidi said...

I loved this! Thanks for all the laughs this morning!

islandgirl said...

LOL! Those first two are my favorite! I never saw that Barack Strikes back one, that was funny!

Lyns said...

Too fun. I was crackin' up. The Today Now clip had me rolling. By the way, I'm glad I don't LOOK sick and tired because I certainly have been! :)