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Monday, November 17, 2008



Today is our 8-year anniversary. (Not you and me, dear blog reader. David and me.) That is the longest I have ever been with anyone I kiss on the mouth!

I remember the first time I saw David.
What a creepy guy.

I was working for the Census Bureau in the 2000 Census. My job as an enumerator was to confirm residences and locate residents who had not responded to the mailed census forms. David was one of those hooligans who ignored his duty to help count America. He is also the miscreant who kept ignoring the notices I left on his door! The blatant disregard for courtesy and Americanship set me stubbornly on the course to nab the guy. I stopped by his apartment often, even when working in a different part of the county.

It was a Thursday night. I know this because I was trying to finish quickly to make it home in time for the season finales of Friends and Frasier. I was rounding a corner in the apartment complex when I saw a guy walking towards the building The Communist Ignorator lived in, and I just got a feeling that was the guy!

I picked up my pace. When I arrived at the apartment, the door was open, and the dude was working in the kitchen area doing some un-American thing, I'm sure. I knocked on the opened door and said "My name is Adhis, I'm with the Census Bureau. I'm here to conduct your census interview."

Here's where David and I disagree on the story.

He says:
"I saw the most beautiful woman in the world at my door, and I said 'OK.'"

I say:
"He tried to make a quick getaway out the kitchen window. I lunged forward, pulled him off the ledge, threw him on the ground, and yelled 'You ain't going nowhere, BUSTER!'"

Anyway, the interview took an hour and half. I was ticked. All I could think about was if this was the episode where Ross finally told Rachel he loved her. Ugh. Why was this residence assigned a long form? Why did this guy have to answer questions for him AND 5 roommates? And WHY did he keep staring at me like that? Creepy!

At the end of the interview, I packed up my things and was standing at the door thanking him for his time when he asked, "Now that you know everything about me, can I take you out to dinner and find out about you?"

Oh sheesh. Was that cheese I smelled? I rolled my internal eyes.
"Sure," I said.

The next part of the story we DO agree on:
Suddenly, David was fumbling around his kitchen counter looking for a blasted pencil, a pen, anything. I lent him my pencil.

When I arrived at my supervisor's home to drop off all the completed forms for the day, I told her all about the creepy guy who kept staring at me. She shuddered.

Three weeks later, I was available for a date with him. The rest is, as they say, a big old jumbled tug-o-war of emotions. I didn't have the desire to get tangled up with one guy. Dave knew who he wanted. Eventually, we kissed on a trampoline, and I knew I was going to be Mrs. Creepy.

If you want the romantic version of this story, you'll have to ask David. He's the teddy bear, I'm the evil action figure. It all works out in the toy box. (Yeah, I don't know what that means.)


UPDATE: Yes, that first photo above is the actual notice I left on his door. I don't know what compelled him to keep it as that was before he met me. Also, one day, I'll dust off my scanner's glass. One day...


islandgirl said...

HA! Did you know I worked for the 2000 Census too, I loved it, I got to be a supervisor, so I just got to hear everyone's crazy stories and sit in my kitchen and take it all down. Quite the story how you met. I'll have to post how Ken and I met one day too, but it won't be as funny as yours, I am sure! Love the toy box analogy, and Mr and Mrs Creepy!

Aubrey said...

SOOOO cute! I love your writing, Adhis! Happy Anniversary to the Creepies! :)

bananaberry128 said...

everyone's verssary is in november. chelon, me, you, n some people i know.


Kikibug said...

happy anniversary!!! love the story! that is the best.

Katy said...

Well, congratulations on eight years of marriage! I hope since then you have realized how wrong you were about him being a creep and he has realized how right he was about you being so beautiful!

chelon:) said...

happy 8 years!! what a great story to tell the grandkids :) i probably wouldn't tell them about the creepy part...they might go out with creepy guys and say...well is worked for granny adhis!! here is to an eternity together!

Kat said...

What a fantastic story! I love hearing how people meet. And you, my dear, have the best story I have heard so far. LOL :) You are awesome!