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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

A Crappy Business

The news story itself does not contain much humor. It's what happens when KSL allows readers to comment on a story about a fire at a port-a-potty company. (Considering this involves bathroom jokes, maybe this post would be more appealing to your husbands or guy friends.)

I did the hard work for you and flushed out the serious comments.

by Boo-Kuts : Toilet fire??? OH CRAP!!!!

by DC : It is The ULTIMATE Flaming Bag of Poo!

by ThinkFirst : What I want to know is if someone rang the doorbell and then ran before calling 911.

by yfz450 : Country song: "Put another log on the fire"

by Sixes : Even KSL could not resist a wise crack. “...firefighters didn't ‘waste’ any time.”

by Orgabama : You know at least one firefighter took a pee on the fire like a boy scout. :D

by capital p : Yuck. I would say light a match to cover up the smell, but that's probably how this whole mess started.

by Lee : Possibly ...let's float it by the investigators and see what they think.

by : I liked the Trib Online headline better: "Firefighters quickly slam the lid on portable toilet plant blaze" lol..

by troll33 : “Dash to the Outhouse”

Written by Willey Make it?
Published by Betty Wont
Illustrated by Doris Locked

by Kb7a : Breaking news! Shizz hits the fan .... and now back to the weather.

by mommyisinsane : well if business wasn't in the crapper before, it is now :)

by Thunderbolt : Sounds like a real stink is being raised in Ogden.

by deanofmean : I don’t give a crap if it burns.

by Don L. : Talk about being on the 'hot seat'....

by Respiratory rocks : I should've used Preparation H.

by The Schwartz : Right now (detectives) are investigating the port-a-potty fire. Currently, they have nothing to go on...

by : I don't know about you but there would be nothing worse than fleeing a fire with your pants around your ankles.

by kenny412 : I bet the guy who caused all this is no longer thinking Arby's.

Man, I sure feel for the owners, they're waste-deep (giggle) in trouble. On top of that, they're the butt (snicker) of a lot of jokes. I just hope they don't get angry and just turn the other cheek. (snort)

Well, poo! Gotta go! (laughs into the distance)

Original KSL story found here: Workers spark fire at portable toilet company


Ryan said...

That's freaking awesome!!!!

Heidi said...

Wow! That is so funny! I think I'll be laughing all day...

Katy said...

Unfortunately, we heard ALL the jokes and puns a few months ago when someone bombed the porta-potty at our construction site. Yes, it WAS a crappy situation...

chelon:) said...

wow!! that was too funny! thanks for giving me a few giggles for the day...i needed it :)

Kristen said...

Ah, the good ol' KSL comments.