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Friday, November 14, 2008

The cakes! The cakes are funny!

At SuperDuper Saturday Freakingtastic Friday Fabulous Friday three weeks ago, Brooke gave a little tutorial on decorating cakes. Brooke is good at cake decorating, but she doesn't think so. But she is. That night, she mentioned that she felt a bit underqualified to decorate cakes (which she is not), and I was reminded of a blog. I promised her and a few people present at the time that I would post about a funny cake blog. I'm only 3 weeks late, why the pout?

OK, I'm finally gonna share with you one of the FUNNIEST collections of cake disasters on the internet. I'm laughing right now because I just saw the November 8th entry.

Cake Wrecks is a blog featuring PROFESSIONALLY-decorated cakes that suck. What can be funnier than spending an arm and a leg on a cake all your friends, family, and/or co-workers will see and eat only to pick it up an hour before the festivities and find an embarrassing/confusing/disappointing/creepy creation? Well, it's not funny if it happens to you, but this happens to OTHER people, so it's HILARIOUS! And I just love the author's commentary on some of those wrecks.

(On Sundays, the author takes a break from the visually-assaulting and posts photos of amazing cake creations. You can skip over those if you just enjoy looking at tragedies.)

I don't recommend entering the comments section unless a particular cake inspires you to comment. There are too many cake wrecks waiting for you!

Now entering Cake Wrecks.
( for the link-challenged)

Warning: Some cakes not appropriate for the under-age crowd.
Just covering my butt. Even though some cakes didn't.


Brooke said...

Freak Adhis, I think we could have all lived without seeing that freaky picture of me. Anyway, wow some of those cakes. That one with a guy or lady I don't know what in the tub.....scary! Thanks for the post, it was entertaining looking at all the cake wrecks!

Sarah said...

Thanks for the link! I just spent the last hour laughing so hard I was crying. My kids think I've gone over the deep end.

Heidi said...

So funny! I even added them to my google reader. Thanks for sharing your wealth of knowledge yet again.