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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

6th folder 6th photo

I was tagged by KC, daughter of the mad woman behind crazy monthly experiments at

This is the 6th photo in the 6th folder of the pictures on my computer.

So many stories in this photo, taken April 2004.

Story 1:

This photo was taken when we lived in an apartment in Orem. (This was in our friend and neighbor Sara's apartment.) Sara was having her third son blessed, which is also the son I watched be born as I was the ‘head on’ videographer. Besides having been awake for 16 million hours when the baby finally poked his head out, I was delirious from all the new sights and the sides of Sara I had never before seen. (LoL) But the most powerful aspect of this experience was distinctly feeling the presence of Heaven when the little guy made his debut.

Story 2:

This was almost exactly a year after we opened our Isagenix business, which explains why David is so slim. We have been away from our sales team for several years but we recently came back to lead the growth of it and put together a second team. So, don’t be surprised when you see a slim David again in about a month!

Story 3:

I am not so slim in this photo because I was still recovering from a car accident. I was on my way to meet the (sleazy) salesman for a neighborhood we were interested in to build our first home. The roads iced over during the 20-minute drive and someone's car slid into me when I got to the entrance of the new neighborhood. I thought for sure it was a sign not to move there. Well, that’s what I told myself as I was shaken up, to say the least. Fortunately, we still moved there and we are so happy we did! We love it here! I just don’t drive anywhere if it’s snowing or the temperature is below freezing.

Story 4:

The apartments we lived in at the time of this photo was in a fantastic ward comprised of only the apartments directly across the street from the chapel. Over the years, we've had a few families from that old apartment ward move to our current ward: Shumways, Binghams, Russells. (The Shums moved here before us.) What are the odds, even in Utah? Who am I forgetting? They have all moved out now, except for us and the Shums. Maybe because of us and/or the Shums?

It's true a photo is worth a thousand words; I just condensed it to under 450 this time.


kristen said...

That is a very awsome pic. of the two of you. You both look thin in the pic. Every one loves you adhis. they moved away because of the shumways. Just kiding. we all love them too.

chelon:) said...

that was very informative!! great photo too :)

islandgirl said...

Great pic and story! I'm interested in something that makes you thin, lol!

Kristen said...

Would you mind helping me with captions for my scrapbooking? You seem to remember all the details better than I could.

Oh right, you weren't there.

But I bet your guess is as good as mine!