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Saturday, October 11, 2008

A Night Cap

Baby Dhis sleeps until 7am, but this morning, I heard her crying at 6am, which was odd. She quieted down, then I heard her again a few minutes later. I decided to just peek in on her. I groggily shuffled through the dark house to her room. She had quieted down by the time I got to her doorway, so I began quietly stepping into her room. I heard her suddenly turn towards me. I recognized the sound from daytime naps in which she had been facing the wall but then heard me coming into the room and turned quickly to see me through the slats of her crib. I froze in my tracks. I decided that since she was being quiet, and I had just heard her move, she was OK and I should just go back to my bedroom for the next half hour.

I stepped quietly out of her room and closed her door, half expecting to hear her scream when she saw me walk out. Nothing. (Phew.)

I heard her let out a cry a few more times. The cries were getting closer together in frequency, so I decided that 15 more minutes of interrupted sleep would do nothing for me; I went into her room to get her.

This is what I found in the dark.

I was about to reach down to "rescue" her when I decided to run into the office for the camera instead.

Daddy had left her cap on and sometime in the morning, she had flipped the brim down over her eyes. (In the above photo, she knows I'm in the room and is waiting for me to say or do something.)

She had been trying to remove the cap and only succeeded in frustrating herself.

She held no grudges toward her camera-clicking mom though; she cheered up as soon as she was able to see again.

I think we may have found her Halloween costume.


Katy said...

Awww, poor little sweetheart! That WOULD be frustrating! She is so adorable. How can you stand it?

Jenn said...

You are so funny with the costume idea:) How do you think up these thing?
Thought I would give you a heads up. The loss of sleep will happen again once she learns how to roll over and can't roll to her back.

chelon:) said...

i love it! i love that fact that you decided to go and get your camera that is a true mom!

TheOrttFamily said...

Thats funny...Love the photo at the end..haha..
Way to go and grab the camera..capture the moment. I am always going that is SO blog worthy let me get the camera..hehe

Kristen said...

What is it about her face that is so munchkin-cutie-pie-gobble-me-up cute? I always thought it was her eyes, but she has "the look" with her eyes covered too! She must have some kind of cute chin pouty mouth to go with it. What a doll. I wish I could hold her. I'd fix her hat any night.

I was expecting a picture of her with her leg stuck between the bars. My kids have all done that many times - get stuck at the thigh. Even with bumper pads on.

I should get a hat like that for me - any light keeps me awake. Doesn't it give her hat head? Oh, right. =o)

Jennica said...

I think your hubby caught me staring at her today in church...I just couldn't get over how tiny she is and cute in her little Sunday dress!

Kikibug said...

that is the cutest. I love that your remembered that Fat Albert Character. That is awesome. What a cutie pie that she wasn't wigging out, but instead solved the problem.

Kat said...

I totally think you should dress her like that for Halloween. :) She must have been so frustrated. Poor thing. LOL

Nathalie Smith said...

Only you would run and get the camera before rescuing her! That's funny. Now on the whole rolling over thing and crying isn't the problem, its when they learn to stand up and then can't sit/lay back down, they will scream until you help them down and then they'll do it again and again!