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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

A Halloween Reminder About Blogs

You might remember this little post I did on blog security.
Get comfy and let me tell ya a tale.

Once upon a time, there was a cavewoman who went to a party with her caveman and her little dinosaur.

At the party, there were common folks of various professions,
pop culture icons and political celebrities,
concepts, and even electrical components.

Everyone was having a delightful time until tragedy befell the group. A murder!
All were gathered 'round to solve the mystery. But first, they needed to gather clues.

So, they gambled for clues.

They BINGO-ed for clues.

They rock-scissors-paper'ed for clues.

They scavenged for clues.

Finally, they had enough clues to unlock the combination and solve the murder.

They all rejoiced and enjoyed a classic kitty litter cake and other delights.

The people dug in and exclaimed:

"It tastes JUST like cat poop."

They celebrated with a white elephant exchange gift. There were many gifts scattered about. Cher reached for a bag nestled in the pile of gifts, untied it and began pulling out the wadded up paper looking for the gift. A Sumo wrestler stepped in, reached for the bag, and said, "uh, that's the trash." There was much laughter.

Cher grabbed a "real" gift. She and Sonny enjoyed the gift the cavewoman brought.
The cavewoman stole a hearty gift from the scrubs.
There is no honor among thieves though, and the cavewoman lost her loot to another thief.

But there was an interesting turn near the end of the night.


Remember that everything you put on your blog is available to anyone and everyone, and you never know what will end up where.

At the end of the night, this gift was opened, much to the enjoyment of everyone and the surprise of the cavewoman...

Cavewoman did not plan this nor had anything to do with it, other than posting an old photo on her blog long ago.

Remember, everything you put out in the internet is available to anyone!



Heather said...

HA! I am just waiting for the repercussions to begin. Great pics by the way!!

islandgirl said...

That's hilarious, so who brought the shirt?

chelon:) said...

i love all of the pics!! what a fun group and party... i would pay for a tshirt like that...soooo totally cool man!

how do you do your pics like that?? tips please. i am sick of the way my blog is looking!! HELP!

Sarah said...

I love love love it! Oh that I could have a shirt like that...

Kristen said...

Cavewoman was DEFINITELY asking for it! =o) It sounds like you need to start selling those shirts online. Don't look at me, I just hear that others might want them.

Adorable dinosaur. If you figure out who it is, give her a kiss for me.

Lyns said...

I am dying laughing. Literally. Dying. If I don't show up for meetings on Sunday you'll know why. Like I said. Dying. :)

Brooke said...

Oh, we are still laughing about that. Those Smiths are tricky people, so what are you going to do to get them back? Sean told Jaren to wear the shirt to church, that would put a smile on everyone's face!

Kat said...

That looks like everyone had a blast. :) I LOVE the shirt. You have to let us know who brought the shirt so that we can get some made. LOL

Lowdogg said...

That guy actually painted his face to be Obama. I think you could only get away with that in Utah.

Adhis said...

TO THE SHIRT YEARNERS: Palin and Obama brought the shirt. If you want the shirt, you could probably convince the “mops” to give it to you.

KRISTEN: The dinosaur has been thoroughly kissed.


BROOKE: I had something in mind, but my considerate sweet side (it's small, but it's there) may hold back out of respect for Matt. Maybe.

LOWDOGG: He’s also bald so he had to paint his head as well. Yeah.

Chantille and Jaren said...

That was a GREAT commentary on a great party! Us mops are keeping the shirt... Until you see it somewhere else?? hm... keep your eyes open. As of now it is in my pantry, I laugh everytime I go in. LEGENDARY!