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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

My Blog

I got tagged by someone who loves to read my blog.

I don't know why I ever started a blog. I think I just wanted a chance to write creatively again. I also enjoy speaking my mind, which I actually don't get to do very often without being interrupted or cut off. How else could I talk about puking vs. diarrhea, wading through postpartum blues, aching from foster parenting, and finding a housekeeper without looking like a lunatic? If I came up to you in person and started talking about biscuit cans popping, you'd politely smile before deciding that you will have to be more diligent about popping out of sight when you see me turn a corner. (Hmmm... come to think of it, I haven't seen a few of you in a while.) Here, I can say whatever I want and you can tune me out if you don't like what I'm saying (My two dollars' worth) or you can amen when you can relate to what you're reading (A Tiny Baby Rant) or you can sit through my thoughts without feeling obligated to respond. Whatever your reaction, I still get to say what I want without having to navigate the social courtesies of face-to-face interaction (like politely pausing to allow you to speak or giving up on what I'm trying to say because the topic has changed).

I received the "I love your blog" from Jenn. According to the rules, I must list seven blogs I enjoy reading. That is difficult as I really enjoy reading more than that, but I'll obey and list just seven.

1) The most I'm-named-after-the-country-I'm-from blog on the web:
2) The starchiest blog on the web:
3) The sunniest blog on the web if "sunny" was pronounced "soonie":
4) The cutest-three-girls-to-drive-a-mom-crazy blog on the net:
5) The crappiest-pair-of-pants blog on the net:
6) The yummiest, healthiest and easy-to-make blog on the net:
7) The most uber-cool and well-traveled wedding-and-everyday-life photographer blog on the net:
No, really.
And really.

Oh, yeah, so if you are on the list of seven above, feel free to post the "I (heart) your blog" graphic above on your blog. It will make you popular.


Sarah said...

Hey, if you're still looking for someone to clean your house, I know somebody. She cleans a bunch of fancy-shmancy houses up in Draper and Highland. She's honest, thorough, and reasonably priced. Let me know if you want her number.

Sarah said...

Oh ya, I love your blog -it's one of my favorites. You rock Adhis!

James and Heather English said...

Adhis, I am so flattered! Thanks! You are definitely one of my favorite blogs to visit as well. Anytime I need a good laugh I come here, or talk to you in person. Either one usually works!

Sunni said...

My acceptance speech:
I'd like to thank everyone who's been supportive of my bloggulating over the years (or 8 months I've been a bloggerator). Especially you Adhis. But I have to ask why My blog was third on the list. Is it because I don't have a creative name for my blog? Not all of us have cool names like Adhis that lend themselves to cool blog titles. And by the way, you really do have a gift for bloggulation.

Kristen said...

Currently going to the dictionary to look up "starchiest" ....

Adhis said...

It's right after "spuddiest."