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Friday, September 19, 2008

My Blagh


I wrote two blog posts this week and Blogger ate them. ATE THEM!

They were the wittiest, funniest, most intelligent posts ever written in the history of mankind. They were going to enlighten, elevate, and elate. They were going to make your life easier and your teeth whiter. They were the portals to heaven and to Candy Land. They were going to make you look thinner and make you feel wiser. They were programmed to cause your CD drive to spit out $20 bills and your mouse to vacuum your desk. Butterflies and fairy princesses were going to spring out of them and grant your every wish and realize your wildest dreams.

But Blogger ate them. ATE THEM!!!



Kimmers said...

Hey did you check your drafts? Sometimes for me if I don't hit publish, it auto saves a draft of it.
Just a thought!!

Kristen said...

It sounds like a scary post to me!

What animated eyes and little features that sweet Baby Dhis has. She's lucky I'm not there to attack her with kisses every time I see her.

Adhis said...

Kim, no. I distinctly remember hearing Blogger gulp and then burp after I clicked on the "Save Now" button.