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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

A Little Snack

Since I incubated and gave birth to a little baby this summer, I only planted a little garden this year, which yielded a little bell pepper that I cut into little slices and put in a little vegetable sandwich and grilled just a little. Then, I ate it in little bites and enjoyed it a LOT.

Vegetable Sandwich
This is one of my favorite ways to get in one or two of my daily vegetable servings.

Two slices of your favorite whole grain bread
Fresh mushrooms
Bell pepper
Black beans (or whatever beans you prefer)
Sprouts and any other veggies you like
Slice of cheddar
Slice of mozzarella

Assemble sandwich.


chelon:) said...

sounds tasty. is that a penini maker? if so, is it worth investing in? looks good too! thanks for sharing!

Sarah said...


Adhis said...

The world calls it a George Foreman. I call it a sandwich grill because it irritates me that Mr. Foreman named all of his 5 sons "George" and one of his 5 daughters "Georgetta." I refuse to further his ego in my daily appliance use.

Oh, and we use it for grilling sandwiches sans butter.

Kristen said...

I came onto your blog while shushing the 5-year-old from waking the 1-year-old, and in the process, started to skimread the above post.

Didn't work, so in the middle of skimreading, I had to get up to resolve the situation, wondering the whole time if it really WAS your baby that you incubated, sliced into little pieces, grilled, and ate.

Whew. That was close! I was worried for a few minutes there!