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Thursday, September 25, 2008

A Depression Might Be Fun

I was thinking about President George W. Bush’s speech, and – call me crazy— I thought a financial depression might be kind of fun.

Bush addressed our country last night in regards to our economy’s current crisis, saying "our entire economy is in danger." We are supposed to be in favor of a $700Billion bailout program to save us from the mistakes this country has made with money. If we don’t interfere, then (dum dum dum) DOOOOOOOOOMMMMM!

As ignorant as this sounds, I was kind of thinking a financial crash might be a good cleanse for this country. I mentioned this to my dear husband and he pointed out that banks that lend money would go out of business and there would be very few mortgages, business loans or car loans made.

Yeah. So?

We'd all live in quaint little apartments with our laundry hanging out the windows, have less rooms to clean up after, and drive our hoopties into the ground. Just like the old days.

I figure it would kind of be like the Great Depression and that would prompt everyone to be creative with their resources. We’d collect whipped cream containers, scrounge for bits of twine and create big orbs of rubber bands and brag to each other about who had the biggest collection. There'd be gardening and bartering and quilting galore! I think a great deal of talent that people have smothered with laziness and convenience would be revealed.

Hubby jumped on my wagon. “You could make all our bread. You could make breakfast by cracking our own wheat. And we could raise chickens in the backyard.” I’m not sure if he was humoring me, but I liked the words just the same. I reminded him that our Homeowners' Association (HOA) doesn’t allow chickens. He insightfully stated that they’d be too busy raising their own chickens so as not to starve.

I like it.

[Neighborhood tangent: I call dibs on Matt Smith and his bowhunting skills and on Rochelle Nelson for her ding dang darn delicious blackberry/strawberry jam. Oh, and also dibs on Donna Rice for her killer bread and on Carol Whitaker for her sewing prowess. There are a few more people on my list, and I call dibs on all of them. You guys can have the computer programmers and accountants.] [Sorry, honey.]

Of course, I anticipate that in such a crisis, crime would go up for a while, mostly things like stealing apples from Mr. Jones' tree and throwing rocks at the old warehouse windows. But eventually, those would decrease.
Just think of the neat stories you'd be able to tell your grandkids while wearing a straw fedora! Of course, that's assuming that the whippersnappers stick around to listen to them, but you'd have those stories, darn it! And you could tell them with a wistful look in your eye at Thanksgiving dinner every year, right before carving the turkey. Now, THAT'S a captive audience.

Anyhoo, I thought a financial depression might be kind of fun.

Now, you can call me crazy. But remember, I've got the wheat. And the Smiths.


Heidi said...

I'm with you! Who doesn't think that Cinderella Man was the perfect way to raise kids?? Don't forget, you have me and my mad scrapbooking skills to add to your list! Don't we just wish someone around here had an apple tree...

Sarah said...

When we lived in Maryland we got snowed in and the power went out. Ok, so it was only for a day, but I loved it. I kept saying, "It's an adventure!" Steve still makes fun of me for that. So I'm all for the next Great Depression. You know, as long as it doesn't take too long. Maybe like a week or something. It'll be an adventure!!

Jaclynweist said...

My husband totally agrees with you. I think it would be interesting and kinda fun too - if you have the food storage to handle it. :) Steve(hubby) says he can't wait for United Order. I guess we'd see what would happen with it!!

oh and the waterplum comment for my watermelon was cute. :) I had to laugh!

Christi said...

Way to live the Law of Consecration there, Adhis.

The Silvia Family said...

We are just recovering from a week with no electricity (thanks Ike)and it wasn't too bad. Ben was bummed when it came back on. I spent the evenings listening to AM radio (hand powered) and reading back issues of The Tightwad Gazette. Let the good times roll!

Lowdogg said...

This post was crazy. Do you want me to lose my job?
A romantic viewpoint, though didn't the boxer's family in Cinderella Man almost starve to death?
Depression would be mucho malo. But the stuff you talk about would be okay.

Adhis said...

Lowdogg, is your job Bowhunting Ninja? 'Cause you could come work for me. I'd pay the highest wheat wage around.

Kristen said...

My dear, you don't want a depression. You want to live in Idaho.

Utah_Dave said...


That was the funniest comment I have read in a LONG time!

Adhis said...

He means since the last time he read something I wrote. Right, honey? Right??


Heather said...

Is this a nice way of telling the HOA that we do have a chicken? First you spill the beans about the bow hunting skills but now your ratting out our secret chicken and apple trees!! Well I call first dibs on Jen Barney's food storage, have you seen that room? our chickens to skinny to provide much!

Adhis said...

Jen Barney's food storage! DRAT!
How did I overlook that??
(shuffles through important neighborhood research papers)

Kikibug said...

hahaha I love this post and the comments, but I agree, a week might be an adventure, but I am a wimp! I am not sure how I would handle it. But homemade bread on a regular basis would be great. I call dibs on Donna's!!!

Adhis said...

You can't call dibs on Donna! (Please, refer to "Neighborhood Tangent" in the post above.) Besides, I can walk to Donna's for bread faster than a pregnant woman can waddle. I think.

Nathalie Smith said...

lets just stick your little adventure to your neighborhood. I was born to have a/c-heater and superwalmart at will whenever I need it.