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Saturday, September 6, 2008

The Best Erin Ever

The best bowler ever (title self-dubbed at the great California Bowling Tournament of 2005)

Erin also happens to be the best storyteller ever. She is a human Google and rolled into one. She can recall a factoid related to anything one might be discussing-- OR-- the discussion at hand will remind her of a great story, anecdote, or statistic. "This has nothing to with what we're talking about, but did you know..." She can recall any talk given by any LDS general authority in the history of general authorities and impart some profound quote.

(The following photo was taken by a waiter who apparently didn't know that we wanted to be in the photo. My version of this photo doesn't look so bad after I cropped two inches off the top and two inches off the left. Notice Jen on the right barely made the cut. Tracie's version of this photo is much, much worse. I think people were completed sliced off on that one.)

Last night, we had a farewell dinner with/for/next to Erin and got to share with her what we will miss the most about her and/or her family. Everyone knows she is a great teacher, a compassionate person, and a good friend. I decided to create my own list here of Erin's little-known talents.

The best dancer ever.

The best Mad Gabber ever.

The best sunglasses model ever.

The best drill sergeant ever.

The best donkey wooer ever.

Which reminds me... the most deserving title Erin holds is "the best camera blinker ever." You know how most people will occasionally be caught blinking in a photo? Erin is the only person I've ever met that has an 85% chance of blinking in a photo.

You will need to take five to thirty-one photos of Erin to get one of her with her eyes open, unless she helps you out and does this:

The best Erin ever.
And now she's gone, only to the neighboring city, but it might as well be Nebraska. Nobody goes to Nebraska. Not on purpose anyway.


Katy said...

Erin is so great! Wow, it looks like you all had a great night out, not to mention the countless fun outings and get-togethers. So much fun!

I do think I could beat Erin hands down as "the best camera blinker ever". Perhaps she and I will need to have a Smack Down (Bobby Flay style)!

chelon:) said...

oh!! that sure makes me miss the girls nights out and the fun getaways! when are we going to do one of those again?? anyone up for a weekend somewhere? you are all welcome to come to texas too :)

stinks that erin is finally getting her behind out to eagle mountain and i am no longer there! i miss the pl #2 girls :)

Lyns said...

Erin is wonderful! What a great tribute. We all are going to miss her.

Joyful Mother of Children said...

Erin is so fun. You really did a wonderful job describing her and how much we'll miss her in your witty way. I'm so glad I've had a chance to know her and hope I can continue to get to know her more! She'll definitely be so missed in our ward :(

TheOrttFamily said...

Oh thats sad to hear that she moved..I only live what about 8 houses down and had no idea..What a fun trip that was of all the pictures though to CA...Miss the old times we all had, why do people have to move and wards have to sad!!

Anderegg & Co. said...

I miss all you's amazing how moving (even to the other side of Lehi) really cuts you off, even if not intended. But, you guys have such a fun group, I'm sure you'll keep it close.