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Friday, September 26, 2008

3rd Annual Favorite Things Party

Time for the Annual Favorite Things Party!

Instructions for a Favorite Things party:
1. Think of one of your favorite things that costs $5 or less.
2. Buy three of that thing and bring them to the party.
3. Write your name on three pieces of paper and deposit them into a basket/hat/box.
4. When everyone has deposited their names, take a turn to showcase your item and explain why it's one of your favorite things.

5. When all items have been showcased, pull three names out of the basket/hat/box making sure that you haven't grabbed your own name or any duplicate names.
6. Go find the three people whose names you pulled out of the basket/hat/box and get one of their showcased items.
7. Three people will come to you to collect one of the things you brought.
8. Now, you have three ideas for low-cost holidays gifts!

This year, I brought trifle dishes with a note containing a recipe for fruit trifle and suggestions for other uses for a trifle dish (a centerpiece, a fishbowl, a fruit bowl, etc.).

I decided tonight, when I saw the above photo of me, that I need to choose and practice the smile I'll use for spontaneous photo posing. I look like I'm doing a Gene Simmons impersonation. That's my default pose every time someone points a camera at me. Sexy, ain't it? I will stay up late and work on this tonight! I will work on it longer than Kim.

I will practice so much that I will pull a face muscle. You just wait and see! My face will be on crutches on Sunday from spraining a cheek. I'm that dedicated.

(This photo reminds me of The Last Supper but with sugary treats and some sort of gang hand signs going on.)

The party was hosted, as it always is, by Chelon and Erin (seen above; center and right, respectively). Chelon moved to Texas two years ago, but she has flown out to Utah the last two years to throw this shindig together. That's commitment!

For not-so-flattering candid photos, check out Kim's post on this party.

Because I hadn't seen Chelon since last year, I thought about bringing Baby Dhis with me, but then I thought that would be fun until she got tired and cranky.

SCORE! I came home with a tile quote (from Chelon), gel glitter markers with a magnetic notepad (from Christi), and a bag of chocolate-covered cinnamon bears (from Kristen). At least, I didn't end up with a stupid trifle dish.

[Posted song: "Favorite Things" from The Sound of Music; "My Favorite Things" by Gary Hoey]

We each brought a dessert or appetizer to the party. I brought a Snickers Salad (a contradiction in terms) from a recipe I got in my old ward about 6 years ago and had never made. I adjusted the recipe last night, which I'll denote in italics. I served this in a... guess what?... trifle dish!

Snickers Salad (by Jody Adams)
3 granny smith apples (2 large granny smiths)
3 red apples (2 large red delicious)
1 king size Snickers bar (2 king size Snickers)
1 8oz tub Cool Whip

Cut apples and Snickers into small pieces and mix together.
Gently stir in Cool Whip.
Refrigerate 1 hour before serving.


Katy said...

I had no idea you guys were doing these parties! What a great idea!

(Note to self: figure out how to score an invitation to the 4th Annual Favorite Things Party....)

Kat said...

Loved the party! Your salad was good. Thanks for the recipe. I will definately make it for the next party I go to. :) I totally wanted to score one of your trifle bowls, but wasn't so lucky. They were gone by the time I got to pick my papers. LOL Maybe next time. :) Great pics of the party!

kristen said...

very cute pictures. the partty rocked. cant wait for next year. friends are awsome!!!

Sunni said...

Wow, I was really confused as to why chelon was in those pics, until I decided to read the words by the pics. Amazing...

Kristen said...

I have about 100 comments to leave here. I'll try to keep it to one.

It should have been labelled the Favorite People Party, because you all land on my list. Jealous? Definitely! Baby Dhis may never forgive you for not taking her along.

(Skipping the next 98 comments...) I love how you adjusted the recipe by doubling the snickers and reducing the apples. My kind of recipe!

Where do you get a trifle dish for less than $5? Oops I'll stop now. I'm really restraining myself. What a FUN party!

Kikibug said...

HOW FUN! I am SO jealous that I wasn't there either, but more jealous that I didn't get to see Chelon while she was/is in town. That is the best idea!

Kikibug said...

OH, and I LOVE Kim's facial expressions, Adhis, I can't wait to see a layout of yours.

chelon:) said...

we had such a great time! and i must say adhis...your pics are a bit more flattering! i absolutely love the pic of all of us. i think it turned out great...i promise to email it out when i get home!

i am so grateful for this group of women. you have all been such wonderful examples and great friends. i truly am blessed. i know that i will always have a place to stay when i visit the women of the pilgrims landing (and other across the border to eagle mountain) areas!

i love you all...also, i didn't get any of that yummy salad...i will definitely have to make it when i get home.

wish i could have seen baby dhis. i will have to settle for the darling pics on your blog! love ya girl :)

TheOrttFamily said...

I am so sad I missied the party..looked like it was fun. I had mommy duties to attend to and a teeneage son that won't babysit for me like in the good old days..for some reason he thinks he need to hang with HIS :-(

islandgirl said...

I too want to know where you got the trifle dishes? Did you really double the snickers? I can't wait to make that salad! Love that last supper pic, lol, but seeing those pics makes me realize its high time I join that "running" group of yours!

Adhis said...

I found those particular trifle dishes at WalMart. And, yes, I, of course, most definitely, affirmatively, that's-a-go-Roger, happily doubled the Snickers candy.

Me loves me some Snickers.

Taggart Family said...

Hey, you don't know me, but I googled "Favorite Things Part" and your blog came up! Very cute. THanks for the ideas! I'm LDS too, lol.

Valerie said...

I know you don't know me, but I found this post during a search for crafts (?) and LOVE the idea of this party. I'm totally going to steal it for a ladies night out! How fun. Thanks for sharing it on your blog.

Luke and Mariah said...

Hello! I'm just a random person who googled "Favorite Things Party" and found your blog. It was exactly what I needed! Thanks for the instructions! I can't wait to throw one of my own!