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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Quirks Tag from a Kitty Kat

I got tagged by a kitty Kat to tell about 6 unspectacular quirks of mine.

1> I hate throwing up, so I refuse to. I rather have diarrhea. (Don't click on the link if you don't want to read my diarrhea post! You've been duly warned.)

2> If I was on Survivor, I'd take a small shatter-proof mirror as my luxury item because I'm anal (ha!) about a clean nose and about food in my teeth. (A) I'm constantly checking/blowing my nose and invest regularly in Kleenex with lotion. (B) I've tried to relax about NOT checking my teeth because it makes David's eyes roll, but the two times I did, I found I had an obvious intrusion in my teeth AFTER talking with people face-to-face. I distinctly remember the last time was when chatting with my neighbor Clarice near the end of my pregnancy. Needless to say, I'm sticking to my compulsive ways.

3> I'm trying to grow out my prematurely gray hair. I want to see what it looks like long. I've never dyed my hair before, and I'm not sure yet if I ever will. Maybe I can make going gray cool? Maybe?
(I posted this confessional photo of my graying hair on Flickr about a year ago, and it got 451 views. Some people are just sick.)

4> I feel on the spot when people ask me to share a scary/embarrassing moment or personal quirks. (Ahem.) I just don't feel very interesting.

5> I don't like eating at the same restaurant twice. For the most part, I feel like "been there, done that." I do make exceptions for genuinely ethnic restaurants (Bombay House, La Dolce Vita, Thai Village, etc.) and for Olive Garden (lunch only). (Don't click on the Olive Garden link.)

6> I love throwing things away and regularly declutter. I'm always surprised about the amounts of stuff I get rid of each and EVERY time. Before you start rummaging through your husband's stuff, I'll have you know I am EXCELLENT about staying away from David's belongings; I wish he would weed them regularly though.

There you have it, six unspectacular quirks about me. And now your life is the same as it was before.


Chantille and Jaren said...

It was fun to read about your quirks, by the way, I am also a fan of La Dolce Vita as well.

Jen said...

hey..I'm with you on 5 and 6!...Your blogs are so fun to read...

Kat said...

Thanks for letting us know about your little "quirks". :) You are awesome! I love what you say about making gray popular. I started going gray on my mission, and thought I would never dye my hair. That was until someone came up to me and staring at my head, said, "YOU HAVE GRAY HAIR!" I promptly said (in my head of course) "You have tact!" Then went home from work that night and dyed my hair. LOL :) The things people drive us to do.....

Kristen said...

I still remember your fabulous lesson on decluttering and throwing things away (yes, that was forever ago). I try to do it, I'm not good at it, but it's my official goal for tomorrow.

You and Ben would NOT be good dinner companions together. He picks a few favorites and those are the only places we go to. Occasionally I convince him that we should go elsewhere. I don't care too much though. I'll eat anything. =o)

James and Heather English said...

Where were you at book club last night?! I was so disappointed not to hear you interject with your hilarious make fun of twilight banter!
As for the post, I am also a definite thrower of things, and HATE throwing up! See, we have more in common than you thought. :)

Adhis said...

Kristen-- I only remember I taught that lesson when I drive past the homes of some of the ladies who objected to throwing things out. I was still new in the ward then and only after later seeing their open garages and stepping into their homes did I realize their objections ran deep. Way deep.

I've learned in my 56 years that personal timing is crucial, so I don't push my good intentions on people anymore.

Heather-- I was hiding behind the table lamp. My feelings were really hurt that no one was talking to me. Maybe I was hiding too well.

I was totally planning on coming (complete with fang marks on my neck) but I was LeFreakExhausted by the time 7:30 rolled around, so I got ready for bed.

Amy said...

Heard you were called as a Visit teacher supervisor! I need to get with you soon to let you know all your info! I will FOR SURE call you this week and we will set a time! Yea!