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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Brian Regan; Kermet Apio

I love living by Thanksgiving Point! Everything is beautiful there and there is something for everyone, unless you are one who dislikes beauty and variety.

Last night we saw Brian Reagan at Thanksgiving Point's Waterfall Amphitheater.

A couple months ago, I mentioned to David that comedian Brian Regan was coming to Thanksgiving Point. Dave waited a couple days to buy tickets and found that both the Thursday and Friday night shows were sold out! He was bummed. Then, I heard Thanksgiving Point was adding a Wednesday night show. David immediately bought tickets. Good thing because it sold out quickly as well.

We love Brian Regan. Funny, clean, funny. This was our second time seeing him live and our first time at a show at the Thanksgiving Point Waterfalls. Partway through the show, I imagined sitting at home and hearing the audience laugh. At home, I can always hear the audience cheering or a band performing at the Waterfalls. The last time Brian Regan was at Thanksgiving Point, I could hear the audience laughing from my bedroom window. (Maybe I should close the window when I'm changing?) Now, I was in the audience and someone back at the 'hood could hear me! (Yes, JUST me.)(Maybe also David.)

These were taken with my point-and-shoot. I wish I would have caught the funnier segments but... I was just enjoying sitting and relaxing.

Opening act was Kermit Apio, from Hawaii

Brian Regan on flying in the emergency exit row.

The next two videos are NOT from last night's show, but they are of some of my favorite material. Here, Brian (we're on a first name basis, me and Bri) talks about airline experiences.


This is his popular "I Walked On the Moon" joke.



Kristen said...

How fun that you're not just a wannabe anymore! And I think I heard your laughing from HERE. You have the best women's laugh ever.

Aubrey said...

K so we LOOOOOOOOOVE Brian Regan! I was soooooo sad that tickets were so expensive and also sold out so quickly...I totally would have gone!! I'm glad you got to go though.

Also, I LOVE your laugh!

The Thompson Family said...

I know I should be commenting on your "Breaking Dawn" blog but I didn't know if you would get this message. I see what you were doing. Trying to throw me off. It worked, I was pretty upset while I was waiting for Andy to finish reading the book, and he wouldn't give me any hints if anything you said was true or not. You're pretty funny! Well I finally finished the book and I loved it!!! What about you? Have you seen the 2nd trailer for the movie?

Sarah said...

Very funny! I'll have to listen tonight for the laughter.