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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Flickr'd Out

For a year and a half, I've been pretending to be a photographer on a site called Flickr. It has seriously been the most fun and most challenging time I have ever had in an online community. I viewed wow-ful photos, participated in photo challenges and scavenger hunts, and interacted with witty and talented folks. I learned so much! And had such a great time.

Today, I say goodbye to a dear friend. Flickr.
I began my Flickr experience by posting generic photos. Me. My dog. Me with my dog. Typical photos taken with a point-and-shoot. As I participated in Flickr groups, I learned there is more to photos than pointing and... well... shooting.

(L to R: Waving Goodbye, m to the 12th, Penny Pincher, Pigs)

Things changed for me when I participated in my first photo challenge. The theme was "Architecture in Black & White." (These were the two photos I ended up uploading for that challenge. Left: Steel Geometry; Right: Following Dad)

I learned that there is beauty all around and taking the time to behold everyday objects from different angles can yield entirely different impressions.

After that challenge, I began looking at subjects differently. It wasn't long before I realized my camera was woefully equipped to capture what my eyes saw. I've missed many incredible shots because of my toy's limitations. One day, I'll make a new camera a priority. Until then, I'll stick with my little silver box.

(L to R: Dotted Dew Drop, Cranial Claw, Missing)

"Condiments in Harmony" became my most popular photo with, at last count, 656 views, 19 comments, and 15 viewers marking it a favorite. I was surprised when this one took off; I shake my head at it. This is the photo where I realized I am not interested in pursuing photography seriously.

People said of this photo "a great, simple shot" and "simple but interesting" but this photo was anything but simple! I spent HOURS on this. The mustard kept squirting out weird. The bottles kept rolling apart. The background is 12x12 scrapbook paper placed behind a pane of glass. The problem with glass is that it REFLECTS, so my head was showing up in the photos. When I found an angle where I could hide, the glass would reflect the light fixtures in the room! I was sweating during the shoot and midway through, I was sick of photography, but I just HAD to finish what I started. I was working on this for a photo challenge themed "Harmony." After it was all said and done, I was so disgusted with this photo that I ended up submitting a different one ("Three's Harmony" on the right), which wasn't such a hit. (It only received 104 views, three comments, and was favorited twice.)

I could go on and on and on about things I learned by participating in the Flickr community, but I'll just share my favorite lesson. *Sometimes taking a photo without looking through the camera provides the neatest results.* Or at least, it was neat when I'd look at the result of blindly shooting and liked what I had. (Which is what happened with the photo "Gargoyle" below.)

(L to R: Gargoyle, One is the Loneliest Number, On Second Thought, Beach Chat)

My favorite benefit of Flickring was appreciating subjects anew. Once, on a jog through the neighborhood, I ran past a large snail making its way across a sidewalk. I ran home, got my camera, ran back to the snail's spot and just photographed that snail for a good half hour. I appreciated his unusual size, looked at the patterns on his shell, noticed that he was aware of me as he paused, sensed me, and changed direction. (The shot on the left I called "Dash." Get it? As in the dashed line behind him and as in race. HA!) (The shot on the right is titled "Gesundheit!")

I ended up displaying over 200 photos generating over 7,000 views; I took THOUSANDZZ of photos just for the sake of playing along on Flickr. 'Twas such fun.

Ah, Flickr. We were so good together...
Oh, well.

[Posted song: "Pork & Beans" by Weezer]


Lyns said...

Great Pictures! Looks like you have a real talent, even if you don't want to pursue it. :)

Kikibug said...

Those are amazing! I always thought you had great pictures on your blog but wow! You really have talent. Esp since you say your camera isn't great.

Kristen said...

I love Dash! I didn't know they leave behind little circle footprint thingies!

It's hard to say goodbye to activities we enjoy. But we can't do everything! You have a talent and you don't need flickr to share it. We all love your blog photos, and I can only imagine the memories you can capture for your family.

Bye flickr, thanks for teaching Adhis some good stuff. =o)

chelon:) said... are talented!! you shouldn't quit :) i have to disagree with kristen too...we are women, we ALREADY do EVERYTHING!! good luck on our new endeavor...whatever that may be :)

Kat said...

Wow Adhis. I seriously want to take lessons from you. :) You are so talented. I love your view on things and how good you are at taking pictures. You have a very big talent. Whether it is your views on life, your positive attitude, or your ability to see the small things and enjoy life. :) I love you!

Sunni said...

wowwee man. My favorite pic from your blog is the one of you waving over your pregnant belly from the floor view. LOVE IT!!!!!

Sunni said...

Wait.... that was a pregnant belly right??? Hahahah just kidding.

Katy said...

I love your pics, Adhis! It's always so interesting to see how people capture the same thing SO differently from one another. I had no idea you were into photography at all, and I am blown away by your talent!

Keri and Corey said...

Adhis, coming from a photographer, I say, do not quit! not all shots have to be so time cosuming..but I must agree with the sweating, I am always sweating at each photoshoot I do. You have a unique style. I love the take and angles you get with your pictures. Sometime you shoud invest in a camera you can do manual with and do all the exposure stuff and have more fun! I should really participate in challenges and whatnot like on flicker....but I am so busy doing it as a business and taking pics of people I do not have time. but I love it.
keep on sharing, you really do have a talent!!!

Nathalie Smith said...

Artistic is what are family is. Love your pics sis. It must of started back in the 80's when we did the trick photography like the one you jeld me in your hand and what not. See you in 2 weeks! Can't wait see Liahona.

mom adhis said...

You do have a GREAT talent and should not stop. May be you feel you don't have much time to pursue it but keep going on it even as a hobby because you can inspire and delight all who get to see your work. Life is ultimately for sharing our thoughts, experiences and this is one more way to do such.

I LOVE you.

Sunni said...

By the way, yours is the only blog that triggers my porn filter. It asks for a password whenever I come to your blog which begs the question, what the heck are you posting on here anyway?

Oh yea, and keep taking pics, you've got a knack.

Adhis said...

Sunni, it's most likely because I'm so freakin' HOT!

Or maybe because I've used the words nipples and freakin'.

But mostly, 'cause I'm freakin' HOT!