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Thursday, June 19, 2008


OK, I've been so FREAKIN' tired I didn't realize I hadn't posted anything this week.

Did I mention I'm FREAKIN' tired? I am.

I don't want to just blog about my baby now that I have one, but I'm still at the stage where I can barely do anything outside of getting dressed, feeding the child, and making sure I eat and drink throughout the day. I have tons of ideas hibernating in my head... at least, a part of me is asleep.

David was gone all week on a business trip. His job had him leaving for California on Father's Day-- his first Father's Day with a baby of his own. How lame is that??? (Don't tell me. I know.)

Baby dictator bans naps!
So... I've been alone with the baby all week after giving birth to her 3 weeks ago. We hadn't established any sort of routine as far as sleep and feed go. That wouldn't have mattered to the little tyke anyway because after Daddy left for the airport, she decided that she'd had enough of this 2-3 hour napping between feedings. One hour or less is all she wanted. (Just wait until I tell her father!) This dictatorship left me with an hour or two of sleep a day. Yeah. This made Mommy very unstable.

Oh, and then Baby Adhis decided to start doing this thing where she stops breathing and turns beet red until I turn her over to clear her throat. Sure, it's a little disconcerting when she does it in the daytime, but it's scary when she does it while I'm sleeping. Ok, she only did it once while I was sleeping. I had been asleep when "something" woke me up. I turned on the light and saw her bright little red face choking and struggling for air. That was enough to keep me half awake for the remainder of the week during the hour she gave me between screamings.

Hooray for visiting teachers!
Thanks to Sheree for watching my bambino on Wednesday so I could take a nap! I didn't think I would be able to sleep that well during the daylight hours. I was wrong (which we all know doesn't happen often).

Lookie what Sheree and Baby Adhis made for me!

I knew something was afoot.

[Posted song: "I Wanna Be Sedated" by Ramones]


chelon:) said...

sleep?? what is that thing that we moms call sleep? oh the joys of a newborn :) if they weren't so darn cute and cuddly, we wouldn't survive! she is just darling and i love the gift that sheree made. super cute!

Kristen said...

Little Adhis is gorgeous. Seriously. She is so cute I want to gobble her up. I'm sure that doesn't make you feel any less tired. But at least you can REST assured that she is indeed as cute as you always hoped your posterity would be.

Sorry about the scary breathing episodes. No advice there, I am as paranoid as they come. Glad "something" is watching out for you!

Jen said...

reading your blog reminded me of when I had my first...I guess we all go thru the same thing!! Lucky you have Sheree and I'm sure more by you who are willing to help out. I use to feel really guilty for having insane ideas pop thru my head...but...anyhow...your on the right track and I hope you get some rest!

Nathalie Smith said...

Fun times. I wish I could be there to help you out.

brittneyboucha said...

mark said," said oh she is so cute. " he is a proud uncle. alyssa is getting so big. i think he forgets when she was that little. it sounds like baby adhis is trying to see how tired she can get you. se is too cute though. too bad daddy had to leave on his first fathers day.