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Friday, June 27, 2008

"Dave, you're tall..."

I'm almost exactly one foot taller than Adhis. This makes for some funny/interesting situations.

First of all we have a running joke where Adhis says, "Dave, you're tall." whenever she needs to reach something that's too high for her. She noticed that people, especially in my family, were always saying that.

Sometime last year I was searching through our pantry for soup or something and got down on my knees to look on the bottom shelf. And what did I find? A package of yummy cookies. I sat there for a minute trying to figure out why they were stored there. I always hide yummy stuff on top of the refrigerator back close to the wall. Adhis never finds anything there. I guess she figured out that I never make the effort to look down that low.

There have been a couple times that I've been walking through a crowd with Adhis at a store, or at church and I'll turn to look for her and look right over her head and not see her at all. I'll call out her name and then I'll hear, "I'm right here!" I've learned to look down more often.

Once we were clothes shopping at Kohl's and Adhis asked if I knew where a dressing room was. I looked around and saw a dressing room right next to this huge brilliant orange Levi's sign.

I said, "Oh, right there by that orange Levi's sign."

Adhis said, "What Levi's sign?"

I said, "The huge freaking orange one on the wall right there!"

Adhis, "Where?!"

Me, "Right there!!"

That's when I realized that she couldn't see over the clothes racks.

When we were dating we always searched out a step or something for Adhis to stand on when we wanted to share a smooch. So our first Christmas together in 2000, I put together a little wooden stepping stool for her. She loved it and painted it and sealed it. We call it the "Kissing Stool." We use that stool all the time!


Aubrey said...

Ryan and I are in the SAME situation!! We too would always have to fine a step when we wanted to smooch!

Kristen said...

I remember seeing your kissing stool but I didn't bother to ask... =o)

I can totally visualize the orange sign scenerio. "The huge freaking orange one" sounds just like the Dave we know. Have you decided which one of you has the advantage?

Sara Lynes said...

I think that Adhis has the advantage when it comes to the Doritos being in the pantry on the shelf with the soup! What Dave may not know is that when a woman wants something, there are no lengths to which she will not go. A man will most likely get board and stop looking. Your cookies really aren't saf Dave, she just lets you think that.

Adhis said...


Utah_Dave said...


Nathalie Smith said...

How funny! I laugh because I don't know how many times at mom adhis's house that someone says" Dave your tall enough" You are the best! It is a totally different world being taller. I remember you finding rotten bananas on top of the fridge. How embarrassing.

Utah_Dave said...

You'd be surprised how many times I've found rotten bananas on top of fridges.

I used to debate whether I should point out people's rotten bananas. I didn't want to embarrass anyone. But then I figured it was too nasty to have fruit going bad like that.