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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Daddy Day

Daddy with Baby Dhis

Daddy with Baby Maya


(Originally written June 15, 2008

Guess how much I love you.
Baby Dhis:

Years ago, as a bachelor, David was alone at work late at night when he heard a little girl’s voice call to him, “Hurry up, Daddy!” The call was both a comfort and a confusion. How was he to "hurry" if he didn’t even have any romantic prospects in the horizon?

He later met and married the most wonderfully fantastic woman in the galaxy. (Ahem.) After 7 years of marriage, the little girl who called for him to hurry arrived, and he’s been in a sleepless hurry since. If he could nurse our baby, he would. Since he can't, he will do the middle-of-the-night baby burping and diaper changes. He soothes her when she's fussy. He fusses over her when she's soothed. He swaddles her. He does tummy time with her. But best of all, he loves her mommy.

David has always been a good dad. He was born a dad. He has been a good dad to his pets, a good dad to other people’s children, and a good dad to his own children. He's a calming force, a mortal manifestation of God's love and patience.

Today is his first Father's Day with a child of his own and, wouldn't you know it, he's out of town on business.

"Hurry up, Daddy!"

Happy Father's Day , sweetie!


Jackie said...

Dave does seem like a natural dad. Happy Fathers Day.

Kristen said...

What about LAST Father's Day? Did I miss something?

Oh. I forgot about the red print. For a minute there I thought you were saying... nevermind. I need a nap.

ps - You forgot the picture of Daddy and Mommy.

靜怡 said...
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