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Thursday, May 1, 2008

Sony Grand WEGA 50” SXRD flat screen HDTV

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE pass this on to everyone you know before my husband changes his mind!

We have this, and I want it gone!!

Sony Grand WEGA 50” SXRD flat screen HDTV

Model: KDS-R50XBR1

Purchased April 2006 (only 2 years old)

Originally $3500

I am willing to sell it for $1200 (or PLEASE make me an offer-- don't be shy)!

I want this thing out of my living room. I never wanted this large a television, but my husband brought it home and that was that. We rarely watch TV; we don’t even have cable!

  • Works perfectly great.
  • Remote control included.
  • We may still have the manual, too.

Too big for our living room!!

Here's a Crutchfield review on this television for those who need technical info:

Tell your husbands, brothers, co-workers, and neighbors to make me an offer. I want this gone!


Kristen said...

Hmmmmm I'll see what Ben thinks.

I finally posted, can you believe it? You've done 3 since I did so no wonder you think I'm a slacker!

I've been waiting to hear about last Thursday... Apparently you're not going to post pictures. Phooey.

chelon:) said...

if we lived there, my hubby would be there in a heartbeat!!! but seeing as how we don't and we already have several flat screens, i can't be of much help! you definitely won't have a problem getting rid of it!! gotta make room for that baby ;)

Aubrey said...

We are currently both out of town, but are totally interested. Let me know if you still have it...

my email is on my blog...

Adhis said...

It be gone!!

Kristen said...

It's gone?

Ah, that's too bad, I was going to offer you $3,000 for it.

Just kidding! =o)

We thought it sounded like a generous offer but if we bought it from you, we'd have to get a bigger house or sell one of our kids. Hehe.

Congrats to the lucky new owner. And to you. Although I don't see how getting rid of a tv makes more room for baby. Ssshhh I won't point that out to Dave though.

Jenn said...

Oh, Landon is bummed. I read the post to him and he was all over it. Then as I read the comments and you wrote it was gone, he said, "I don't want to hear about it any more." So sad for him. But great for me. He was telling me we could take the top of our armour off and use it as a tv stand. Thanks for being the one to tell him NO instead of me. In this case your garbage would NOT have been my treasure.

Nathalie Smith said...

I can't believe you sold it.

Adhis said...

So last night, after the TV was bought and gone, David said he needed 10 minutes alone in the basement to mourn and to play with his other toys. He was really cute. Come Monday, I’m sure I’ll have to deal with my own television-separation-anxiety. David and I both think it will be harder on family and friends than for us though.

David and I split the money. He’s trying to figure out what cool thing to purchase for himself and I’m saving mine to open a Roth IRA. (Dave already has a retirement account.)

For now, there is a big obvious gap in our living room, but we’ll wait to deal with it until after we’re semi-adjusted to being new parents.

Kristen said...

It just occurred to me that I could log on in Ben's name and cast the 10th vote. Why oh why was I born with so much loyalty? I don't think we'll have a problem though, 5 days to go. I really hope the pics won't be disappointing after all this. =o)

Kikibug said...

Men are SO funny about the entertainment. It always AMAZES me how Michael can spend so much money on things like a projector, the screen, a wii(and all the games), a new computer, surround sound.. etc.. and not even bat and eye. And I have to redecorate my entire living room to fit around it. So, I totally understand. But I have to say that I LOOOVVEEE watching movies on it, so I can't complain too much.