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Friday, May 30, 2008

“She doesn’t look like anyone in the ward.”

Baby Adhis was born: on Memorial Day, Monday, May 26th @ 12:29:11 pm

Her measurements were: 6 lbs. 9 oz. and was 19 inches long.

Miscellaneous: little petite squeaky “cry.” Dark hair.

We came home 2 days later and found someone had planted an “It’s a girl!” sign in our flower bed. Thank you, mystery sign planter!


I wasn’t kidding when I announced in Relief Society on Sunday that I was in labor. I came to church anyway because I wanted to hear the scheduled lesson; I was MAD when the teacher announced she had decided to teach a different lesson. I seriously almost got up to go home and eat, BUT I stayed because Erin is such a great teacher, and I’m glad I did! (Great job, Erin!)

Oh-- so I was saying…

Yeah, Sunday morning, contractions were 10 minutes apart. By church time, they had dropped to 2 contractions an hour, so I took it as an answer to my desire to attend Relief Society (but when I got to R.S. the lesson had been switched… I was so MAD… I almost walked out, but I digress… again…).

After church, we went home and walked around the neighborhood while contracting every 20 minutes. We ran into a few families in the 'hood (can you call it "the ‘hood" if the natives are pulling red wagons with toddlers in tow?) and was greeted with sympathetic “ohyou’restillpregnant” smiles even when I said “but something’s happening.” Somewhere on our walk, I started questioning what was going on inside me. The contractions felt little like what I had heard they should feel like. I just felt a little achy and out of breath.

Back at home, I bugged my husband to get some last minute things done (trash taken out, dog food put out, plants watered, etc.) When we went to bed, the contractions were still 20 minutes apart, then 15 minutes apart, and then 12, 8, 6, 7, and 4 minutes apart. Still, since what I felt was "just cramping" and not the stomach tightness and inability to carry a conversation that I had been warned about, I thought I'd relax by soaking in our jetted tub. I called the doctor at about midnight to make sure that would be ok and he said “no.” ::insert SUPER frowny pout:: He wanted me to first get checked to make sure the baby was ok. (FINE, Mr. Doctor Guy!) I did not want to waste my time going to the hospital 20 minutes away and back again just so I could soak in the tub, so I was contemplating hopping in the tub anyway. David insisted I go to the hospital and just get checked out first. It took us about an hour to get out the door as I paused for cramps, cleaned house, and finished packing my bags in case the hospital kept me long for monitoring.

Once at the hospital, they wouldn’t let me go home to soak in my tub. And why not?? I was dilated 5 centimeters. (Oh.) The cramps were contractions after all.

Things quickly got sucky and boring. I didn’t have my comfy bed to contract in. I didn’t have my just-the-right-height stair railing to lean on. I wish I would have stayed home. :scowl: Without the comforts of home, I was hating life during the contractions. If my abdomen, back, and legs were going to hurt, I wanted MY room, MY bed, MY floor.

I dilated to 7 centimeters and, since I hadn’t packed my jetted tub, bed, or railing, I gave in to the dumb nurse who kept suggesting an epidural, though I had told her not to offer it to me. (I’m still angry about that! Grrr… bitter, but whatever.) I gave my back up to the anesthesiologist.

The administration of my epidural went classic textbook. Within minutes, my husband felt better. He had been having a harder time with my contractions than I was. After the epidural, he breathed a sigh of relief and said “aaaahh… I don’t know why anyone would do this without an epidural!” He did seem calmer.

Pushing was easy, short, and pleasant. I just sat on a bed with the nurse and my husband and chatted like we were on a picnic. There were no sandwiches, though there was a mirror pointed at my… um… picnic basket.

After 7 or 8 contractions, we waited for my doctor to arrive then finished the picnic-- er, we finished the labor and delivery.

Baby got cleaned up while my husband smiled and got teary-eyed and my doctor ho-humly cleaned and stitched. (I think he was making a quilt.) When the nurse handed me the baby, I thought “whose baby is this?” She doesn’t look like either of us! Or, as I groggily later mentioned to some visitors from the aforementioned ’hood, “she doesn’t look like anyone in the ward.”

This was an easy, fun, and short labor and delivery. If I get a

chance to do it again, I hope to labor longer at home.

Now, what do I do about the little baby who followed us home? When are her parents coming to pick her up?

[Posted song: "Wonderful" by India.Arie]


chelon:) said...

she is absolutely beautiful...and i mean that :) it makes me jealous!! i have less than a month to go...but it is going to be brutal. by the way, the epidural was definitely the way to go. much less yelling going on!! congrats mom and dad :)

Brooke said...

Congratulations! I thought I saw you at Wal-Mart on Thursday, was that really you up and at it? I'm so happy for you and that everything went well and you came home with a beautiful little baby. She is precious!

Katy said...

Well, I am glad you finally thought of SOMETHING to blog about....

Adhis and Dave, congratulations! She is precious! I am glad everything went smooth. :-)

Jenn said...

First AUH Brooke commented before I could finish and it erased all my comment. So let's try this agian.
She is PERFECT. I can't really tell who she looks most like. I came over to drop off some cookies on Wednesday and saw the sign on the door (great idea). I'll have to call and set up an appointment to can see her.
I'm impressed you got all the way to a 5 before going in. That is farther then I ever got. You are one tough lady. So glad you got an epidural for Dave. He is such a great man. I can just picture the relief on his face once your edipural was in. I beat if he could he would have went through labor for you. He is a keeper. Once again please let us know if you need anything.

Kristen said...

Hmm where did my comment go? Now I forgot what I wrote!

Anyway, congrats, I'm so excited for you! I can't stop smiling.

Are you joking about her not looking like either of you? She totally does!

I grew up thinking my mom was crazy when she pointed out whose features came from whom, but it seems that I've inherited that talent. Would you like? I've got her all figured out! I really am curious if you were joking... She's a Little Bitty Adhis! With some definite Dave too. Hmph.

Jenny said...

Awe, she is so cute, Congrats to both of you. Glad all went well and now you have a beautiful little baby girl, that is awesome, I'm so happy for you both.

Aubrey said...

Congratulations! She is B-E-A-utiful!!!

I can't believe you were going to do that without an epidural! An epidural is definitely the way to go!

I'm so excited for you guys! Let me know if you need anything!

brittneyboucha said...

WE Love her already, especially alyssa. she wants to know why she cant hold her though. she tries to touch her through the computer. then gets tired of trying and point to my tummy and says baby. baby adhis is so cute and looks similar to alyssa as a newborn. she is sooo beautiful. we wish we were closer and could hold her. i want to hold her so badly.we love you guys and are so happy and excited for you guys. she is so lucky to have you two for her mommy and daddy.

Amannda Ashby said...

She's beautiful! I'm curious where your safe spot is to keep this litlle one is. It's always fun to hear a babies first story, how they got here. I'm sure there will be lots more fun stories to share about baby Adhis.

Marie said...

What a beautiful girl!!! Congratulations, and thanks for sharing your story!

Jennica said...

I love the way you put are one of the funniest people I know! What a lucky baby to have such a wonderful mommy...and daddy! Your labor story and feeling sounds so familiar, I was like you with Tate. Next time we will know better what we are in for and what we want. Your baby is GORGEOUS, I thought she would have lots of dark her and she did not dissapoint. I hope everything is going well for you over there and that you have lots of help! You did good girl!

Nathalie Smith said...

SO CUTE! I see Dave in her, but they change so much in the first year you can't really say, As mom would say" They always look like their daddy first so they know it is theirs" LOL. Anywho~ HIP HIP HOORAY! You did it and came out alive. Now, was that so scary? Wish I could hold her!
(Jasmine loves her new cousin)

The Silvia Family said...

She's perfect! Congratulations!

lisapants said...

Wow, she is beautiful! You make the whole experience sound like a breeze. I'm glad your, um, picnic went so well, and I hope your, um, picnic basket is doing well. My doctor made quite a large, um, quilt after I gave birth, and life was not fun for at least 6 weeks afterwards.

Anyway, enjoy your little baby. And sleep. Enjoy whatever sleep you can get.

TheOrttFamily said...

Love reading the story you don't forget any details and make it all sound sound funny..but happy for you guys...she is a forget how small they are then they turn into MONSTERS...ahhhh...Way to go also walking around and not going till a man I am like to the docter..umm please take me at a 2..I think it's just so I can get away from all the other kids at home though for the peace and quiet at the hospital..haha

VernonKids said...

She is so beautiful...even in the hospital pictures! Usually babies come out looking a little 'smushed' it seems - but baby adhis is perfect! Loved your labor story - I'm trying not to laugh out loud cause Rich is asleep! :) You're so funny! Congratulations to you and Dave!

Kat said...

Congratulations! She is truly a doll. I can't believe how much she looks like you. :) Your story is hilarious. I love reading what you write. It is great, and you make life truly fun. Please let me know if there is ANYTHING that I can do for you. :)

Kikibug said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! I am so excited for y'all! She is absolutely perfect! I can't believe how easily things went for you at first.. I am all for epidurals.. God created them for a reason:) I LOVED reading the delivery story! You are hilarious!!
I can't wait to read updates on baby Adhis.

Lyns said...

We just got back from our long vacation and I had to come and stalk you to see if that little musher was here yet! Congrats from your neighbors through the block! She is absolutely GORGEOUS! I laughed right out loud at your "picnic basket" comment. I'm so happy for your little family.

Sunni said...

Congrats man! How in the heck do you get to 5 centimeters without knowing that those are contractions? Please share whatever tips you have. She's beautiful. Good work you too!

Sunni said...

Oops, I meant "Two". I swear I went to college.

Amy said...

Congrats!! she is so dang cute! How fun for you all! Thanks for sharing the story to. Your AWSoME! Congrats to you all again. :)
Amy L