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Saturday, May 10, 2008

Once a Mom

The phone rang this morning. I answered it and heard a little kid’s voice.

“This is Alex.”


"Yep. Guess what?"


"I got a new Pokemon ball."

(Classic Alex conversation. Talk about something cool he has.) He said his mom got it for him. I thought “no, I didn’t” but then realized he was referring to someone else.

He then said, “Guess what?”


“I got adopted.”

“You did? Who adopted you?”

“Adhis & David--- I mean,” and then he corrected himself with his new parents’ names.

“Wow! When did you get adopted?”

“A long time ago. On Tuesday.” I chuckled. Classic Alex. He’s 6 years old now.

I also got to talk to his sister, who is now 8.

“I didn’t know they (her new parents) had your phone number!” she exclaimed. I did. I guess they thought it was best the kids didn’t know that piece of information. Until today, apparently.

I asked about the older brother, who is now 9. He was not adopted by this family and was living somewhere else. My heart ached, but my chest pains had subsided. We had been willing to adopt all three kids and, yet, the State split them up. (Sigh… welcome to the foster care system. I remembered when we went through our initial training; the instructor told us, “Be prepared to have your heart broken.” They weren’t kidding.) We did find out that the older brother did get baptized and that was really neat to hear.

Despite being revisited by a bit of heartache, I am so happy to have heard from the kids! I am thankful that their new parents let them chat with us. :::glow::: David loved chatting with them, too. We hope to hear soon from the older brother, but for now, it is great to get ANY news. They still feel like our kids and it was wonderful to hear from them on Mother’s Day weekend. Once a Mom, always a Mom.

But what an emotionally exhausting morning…


TheOrttFamily said...

I am in tears reading this post about the kids calling..that is so cool...

We're Wingin It said...

Oh wow, that had me in tears too. What a heartache. I am glad you finally got to talk to them--but so sad about the older brother! I can't imagine.

Kat said...

Wow. That's about all I can say. I've been here just bawling over my laptop. What a great thing to have happen on Mother's Day weekend. Happy, yet sad. I am so glad that you were able to talk to them and find out some information about them. It had to have been so hard not knowing and being able to talk to them. You are so strong! I truly look up to you. Thank you.

Jenn said...

I think everyone that reads this will have something is common. We are all BAWLING. What a great Mother's Day gift. I feel both happy and sad for you all. So cool to final know what is going on. Hope you hear from the oldest soon.
I saw Dave in the hall at church I can't believe he didn't say anything.

Kristen said...

I remember your dear kids. Of course I do! Adopted is such a permanent word, away from you, but I guess it's better than the alternative of forever-foster care. But ouch. It's so sweet that he called you.

I can't believe they ended up being separated from Brandon. I hope he is happy somewhere. I'm sorry about the heartache, I feel some of it too and I'm not even involved!

You will always be special to them. And I remember them just like this picture, even though they've probably grown up a lot!

Summer Adams said...

No way, I can't imagine why they'd take them away from you and find a "better match". What a joke! And they split them up??? That really is heart-breaking. How neat that you got that phone call though. Happy Mothers' Day to you! (belated)

Heidi said...

Well hang on while I clean up the puddle of tears on my computer. That is great that they called you! They are such sweet kids. I remember them in Primary. They came a long way in the year you had them! You guys were great for them!

Kikibug said...

sniff, wipe, sniff. I could barely read the words from all the tears.. still crying! WOW! I don't know what else to say. That must be heart wrenching to find out about the oldest.. but so sweet that they called. Sounds like they miss you still and obviously Love y'all so much. Good for you for showing these children such love!
We were licensed for foster care/foster adopt when we got pregnant with Carma. I remember them saying that same thing "be prepared for heartaches". Makes me me almost grateful that we didn't go through with it.

islandgirl said...

Adhis, I just got the message that I was tagged...:) Then I stumbled upon this post. Your words are so real and yet so beautiful. I love that you shared a picture of the kids. I've never seen them before, and they look so sweet!

sharibug said...

Adhis this is the ultimate sacrifice as a parent, foster or not. As a mother this is very heart wrenching. We can only pray that the oldest boy will find a home where he can be loved unconditionally!

May the Lord bless you and David with all that you stand in need of, for all that you did with these children.

I know He will bless them as well as you for all the good you did for them in the short time you had them.

So grateful that you were able to receive the call from the younger ones. Such a blessing and speaks volumes about you,David and your relationship with them.

Thanks for sharing the picture of them, as it makes it so much more sweet/sad.

God bless you both!

Jolley Gal said...

All I can say is you both are amazing people!

It's sad that the "system" had other plans for these children...Obviously the comments made by the children are filled with wonderful memories and love for you and David.

Having been a part of their lives, even if for a short time...You will forever influence their lives for good. (sigh, sniff, sniff, Smile in my heart)