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Thursday, May 8, 2008

Loose Ends

I started cramping and feeling an assortment of symptoms reminding me this baby is coming soon. There were a lot of half-done tasks in the house, so, today, I launched into tying up loose ends. I finished hanging things up in the nursery and cleared out the tools and packaging.I haven't yet found a rug I like for the room. Well... I did but it was $650; if the baby wants it, she better come into this world with a job! Jenn gave me the "Laughing Baby" print. The two little frames on either side are reserved for photos of baby with her Mommy and Daddy. I ordered the coordinating "Snuggling Infant" print from the artist. Amannda made the shelf under the Dali print. A friend named Sara made the quilt on the crib. Both Amannda and Sara made me a set of "Adhis" blocks and, for now, I am displaying the ones Sara made. David brought the wooden carving of a family and the mommy-and-child sand dollars from the Bahamas. The gold-framed hangings are things my mom made: she cross-stitched the LOVE stamp about 10 years ago and the other one is a painting she created and gave David for his last birthday.

As I type, the last load of baby clothes and blankets are drying in the laundry room. I made a little space in a kitchen cabinet for bottles and feeding accessories though I've yet to purchase bottles and feeding accessories. I did receive the following in the mail yesterday though!

My nursing cover
(I'm practicing saying "nursing cover" instead of "hooter hider")
and my baby sling.
Both in brown.

Ok, the dryer buzzer has gone off. Time to put those baby things away and then I'm off to the grocery store! (Hmmm... I should have ordered a cape so I could fly to the store. Or would a "super diaper" be more effective in this case?) ;)


Jenn said...

It looks GREAT Adhis. I'm a little jealous I still don't have everything set up in Anna's room and she is 3 months old. Way to be on top of things.

TheOrttFamily said...

The room is so cute!! Any Day now right??? let me know...I would love to come and visit you in the hosp...send me a email...

Heidi said...

She's a spoiled little girl and she's not even here yet. I love her room! And I love your hooter hider. What a trendy Mom you are!

Utah_Dave said...
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brittneyboucha said...

hey adhis,
mark and i loved seeing your blog and having the opportunity to get even more excited for your little girls arrival. by the way her room is so cute. she will love it. mark and i were just reading it and you gave some good laughs. thanks. we cant wait to see your little one and meet her. enjoy these precious times.

We're Wingin It said...

Her room is so cute! I love how it all came together.

I loved my sling and nursing cover--you will be loving those!

Kat said...

Her room is absolutely beautiful! What a lucky girl to have you as a mom. :) And personally, I like the hooter hider. That is the perfect name. LOL

Kristen said...

I liked the super diaper reference the best. =o)

Surely the extra space you made in the cabinets was for YOUR food supplies? Chocolate, twinkies, chips... oh wait.