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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

A slow, 8-legged day at my computer

I just killed a teeny tiny spider that was walking along the cord to my keyboard. It was cute really as he scurried along the cord like a tight-rope walker on a mission. But, I had to kill it because he was quickly approaching the keyboard. He would have rested on my “T” key and then I wouldn’t have been able to type words like “then”, “wouldn’t”, “to”, and “type.” Also, I don’t like spiders on my fingers.

Just a few days earlier, I killed what must have been his twin sibling; he was wandering around the space between my keyboard and the monitor. My spidey census (HA! Census, senses… Get it?) tells me there is a spider colony in my computer. I must have gotten some sort of computer bug. (Parump-PAH! Thank yoooou! I’ll be here all week!) I will wait for a third spider to approach my keyboard before freaking out (and by “freaking out,” I mean clean off my computer desk).

My dog is sleeping on a computer chair next to me, blissfully snoring. His tail is hanging down off the chair. He must be having a good dream because his tail wags enthusiastically every few minutes. Cute. I wonder what he’s dreaming of.

So, let’s see… I killed a spider and I blogged about my dog. My day is complete.


Jenn said...

The dog (name being withheld?)is dreaming of the present because he knows that once little Adhis is around he will have to give up the chair to her. Did you put him up there or did he get up himself?

For your sake I'm hoping you don't have a colonies of spiders living in your computer. If you do they are probably just wanting to find the access to the WORLD WIDE WEB HA HA HA!

Kristen said...

You ladies are great with the puns.

So Adhis, you were giving me a bad time for not posting for three days?!?! You're hard to please!

It has been a crazy few days though. Maybe I'll tell about it someday. I'm not in the mood. Sometimes I wish stay-at-home moms were allowed to stay at home more often!

Adhis said...

JENN: Ha! I can't believe I didn't see that one coming. :D So funny...

Indy follows me around the house like... well... a puppy dog. He jumps up on that chair next to me when I log on to the computer. The bonus is that he can look out the window, too. Sometimes, he'll just look out the window for hours while I clean house. Other times, he'll nap there with his face resting on the window sill.

KRISTEN: Yeah, I guess the less-mobile-with-each-passing-day pregnant woman was eager to see what else was going on in your neck of the woods.

I agree with the "stay-at-home mom" label not being very accurate. Sometimes, we're the "drive-around-in-the-car-all-day" moms.

Marie said...

Hey you're quick, Adhis . . . thanks for the link to my blog on your site! I wish I had your clever wit - your posts are always a great read!!

Kikibug said...

HAHAHAHA! You are SO funny! Loved it, seriously, I was LOL!! I hope you don't have spiders..ewww.