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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Looking for Mary Poppins

I need a housekeeper!! I don't really need her to sing merry little tunes and pull coat racks out of her carpet bag, though, if she could soar into the sky by way of umbrella, I’d pay a little extra.

I had cleaning help two years ago when we had three kids. I could use help now for a few months but I’m having trouble finding reliable (shows up when they say they will), local (don’t have to drive far), fast (doesn’t take an hour to clean a toilet) housekeeping help that I can afford. (The average price seems to have gone up $5/hour since I last hired. Dang gas prices!)

I just need a housekeeper every other week for an hour or two to do the things I cannot do right now (scrub floors, clean bathtubs, etc.). The problem I’ve been having is that the people who have been coming to get interviewed get distracted by other dirty things in the room and start cleaning those instead of focusing on the job I’ve asked of them, so the cleaning takes longer and then costs more. I don't care to have my trash bin rinsed out, and I can wipe counter tops myself. The other problem is that I'm not interested in hearing about how the world is going to hell and we are all being hypnotized. (Ok, that was just one housekeeper, and I won't go into details.) I'll stop whining now about needing a housekeeper before I sound like Paris Hilton.

Anyone here have a housekeeper they are using and like? Can you recommend anyone?


Kristen said...

Are you serious?

I've heard there are some great ones here, I visit teach one. So if you're willing to relocate... =o)

In the meantime, I really do mop using my foot when I'm pregnant. Maybe you could try that. And I'm sure Indy could take care of the toilets for you! I'm not very helpful, am I?

Adhis said...

You better believe I'm serious!

I don't have a reliable energy tank these days. Also, I don't want my floors mopped, I want them SCRUBBED.

It's looking like I'll end up paying the higher hourly rate for now and just have them come two hours a month.

Kristen said...

Scrubbed, hmmm. Maybe my standards are too low. I've always felt pretty good about rubbing water around on the floor, ha. It sounds like I could eat off your floors. =o)

Good luck! I'm sure Baby Adhis will enjoy the extra time you have for her.

Kristen said...

Less than a week until the big PARTAY?!?!?! =o)

Summer Adams said...

I have a # for you! THey are only $15 an hour and did my whole house in 2 hours. They were good and fast and reliable and even cleaned my walls and appliances. Loooove that! I love to clean my own house but honestly...when you're big and preggo you need help now and then. I'll bring you their card tomorrow at church or you can call me and get it before that :)

Kikibug said...

Kristen, I am laughing at your comments! I mop my floor with my feet pregnant or not, and yes.. water on the floor swished around works for me too!

Adhis, I have a friend who comes and cleans my house a couple of times a month (she lived with us for 6 months for free, so she is cleaning my house for free)but yes, I TOTALLY understand the need for a house cleaner!! Good luck, it is SO hard to find someone w/ all of those qualities you listed.

Kikibug said...

Kristen, will you please invite me to your blog.. it wont let me in. (Adhis, will you please tell Kristen to invite me)

Adhis said...

I won't just tell her, I'll DEMAND it!

(And yes, Summer, please bring that business card. Thanks!)

TheOrttFamily said...

Wait I must have missed something..your suppose to clean you house toliets floors and all..boy I sure have been missing that step...J/K
I always just put rags on my feet and go side to side it's called exercising and cleaning all in one :-)

Kristen said...

Oooooh, a demand! How could I say no? Of course Kiki, I wanted to but couldn't find your address. Hope you like it.

I'm glad to know I'm not the only believer in the foot method. It's a really good workout. The boys play along too.

Way to go Summer, actually giving the help that Adhis asked for. What a concept. =o) I hope it works out.

Sunni said...

Hey Adhis, my sister in law has a cleaning business up there, let me know if your other referrals don't work out and I'll give you her number. And I demand that you demand that Kristen invite me to her blog too...please.

Amannda Ashby said...

Maybe it's crazy, but I would really be interested in the house keeping bit. I am close by and think I clean well.I won't be offened if you don't want to use me.Just let me know.