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Monday, April 28, 2008

4 more weeks?

(Photos-- at 22 weeks, 32 weeks, and 36 weeks)
I'm at 36 weeks. I was going to wait until I hit 38 weeks to take a photo but thought I'd do one now in case baby comes before then.

So... do you see a difference? Any? Ok, c'mon! You gotta see some change in the photos now, right?! Maybe I should have done my comparison photos of my backside so you could watch my butt grow; that may be where I'm carrying most of my extra 30 pounds.

The biggest difference in this week's photo is that I did NOT get my pre-church nap in and you can see it in my eyes. Also, SOMEONE had gas while taking my photo and I was trying to smile as best I could without gagging.

I have 4 weeks until my due date. Do you think I'll go that long? Will I deliver early? Will I go past May 24th? When do you think my baby will be born?


Heidi said...

It's so hard to say, plan on going over and then just be excited when she comes early. My first 2 were both a week early, so I planned on that with Macie. My due date came and went with many tears. She came 3 days later on Friday the 13th - the only day I didn't want to have her.

Jenny said...

Hey Adhis, found your blog through Shanna Russell, hope that's okay I came over to see yours. Hope you remember me too :) I'm so happy to see you are expecting, we are due the same day actually, I thought that was cool. Hope you are doing well, are you guys still up in Lehi? Just wanted to say congrats, very excited for you.

Adhis said...

Yep- still in Lehi, same house, same ward.


Nathalie Smith said...

well, if she's anything like our family, she will arrive in her own time,late. LOL. J/K! From the looks of your pic, I say she comes out a 2 days late. She BEST be born in May or else here auntee will be very mad that everyone and there dog has a birthday in June.

I think that stinky came from you, I hear pregos rip it like no other!

islandgirl said...

Adhis, see, I made it to your blog now! I LOVE all the links to everyone else's blogs, how can we keep up with them all, LOL! You have to share come cute pics of the baby shower gifts, those clothes were too cute!!!

Adhis said...

I was going to wait until I could pose wearing them. The tag "0-3 months" means I will fit in them 0-3 months after giving birth. I hope it's sooner than later 'cause they ARE cute!

Kristen said...

Wow your belly looks somewhat the same! But I think there's more depth to your belly, meaning that if your photo was straight-on you would look wider. Yes? No? Maybe Baby Adhis is hanging out in breech position. I loved it when they did that - much more comfortable. But you are looking great!

So technically you're full term in a week? Well that's pretty cool! My guess about WHEN the baby comes is that it will be within the next 6 weeks. =o) I've never understood why women stress over a few days difference, the baby comes eventually! (Cue the rock throwing, but I've had 4, one was way late, and it's all the same now.)

mom adhis said...

YES !!!!

I can hardly wait.....hurry up all ready.

I have some bets going, Sergio says she will be born the 14th ( his own B-Day)

Kristen said...

That's Nicole's b-day too! How sweet. Wouldn't that be a fun day to shoot for? But I suppose that's getting your hopes up too early. Don't drive yourself crazy! A day at a time, a day at a time. Oh I'm so excited for you.

Adhis said...

Oh- I'm in NO RUSH to get this baby out. She is much easier to take care of in here (pointing to belly) than out here.

Kristen said...

AH, I see you're on my side of the fence. It's not a popular side to be on so I usually keep quiet.

Actually I love the newborn period and you'll catch on fast. But it's also not that big of a deal to wait a few more days. They're just days. Time to be quiet again.