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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

A slow, 8-legged day at my computer

I just killed a teeny tiny spider that was walking along the cord to my keyboard. It was cute really as he scurried along the cord like a tight-rope walker on a mission. But, I had to kill it because he was quickly approaching the keyboard. He would have rested on my “T” key and then I wouldn’t have been able to type words like “then”, “wouldn’t”, “to”, and “type.” Also, I don’t like spiders on my fingers.

Just a few days earlier, I killed what must have been his twin sibling; he was wandering around the space between my keyboard and the monitor. My spidey census (HA! Census, senses… Get it?) tells me there is a spider colony in my computer. I must have gotten some sort of computer bug. (Parump-PAH! Thank yoooou! I’ll be here all week!) I will wait for a third spider to approach my keyboard before freaking out (and by “freaking out,” I mean clean off my computer desk).

My dog is sleeping on a computer chair next to me, blissfully snoring. His tail is hanging down off the chair. He must be having a good dream because his tail wags enthusiastically every few minutes. Cute. I wonder what he’s dreaming of.

So, let’s see… I killed a spider and I blogged about my dog. My day is complete.

Monday, April 28, 2008

4 more weeks?

(Photos-- at 22 weeks, 32 weeks, and 36 weeks)
I'm at 36 weeks. I was going to wait until I hit 38 weeks to take a photo but thought I'd do one now in case baby comes before then.

So... do you see a difference? Any? Ok, c'mon! You gotta see some change in the photos now, right?! Maybe I should have done my comparison photos of my backside so you could watch my butt grow; that may be where I'm carrying most of my extra 30 pounds.

The biggest difference in this week's photo is that I did NOT get my pre-church nap in and you can see it in my eyes. Also, SOMEONE had gas while taking my photo and I was trying to smile as best I could without gagging.

I have 4 weeks until my due date. Do you think I'll go that long? Will I deliver early? Will I go past May 24th? When do you think my baby will be born?

Monday, April 21, 2008

The Birth Plan

As you know, David and I took a Lamaze birthing class. Among other things, we were encouraged there to come up with a birth plan and share it with our caregiver. I looked online for info on writing one and found that every pregnancy site encouraged parents to share their birth plan with their doctor. So, Dave and I came up with one last night and made a few copies of it.

We took our carefully thought-out plan to the OB appointment today. After checking on the baby, I handed my doctor a copy of the plan. Right then, Dave noticed the corner of the doctor’s mouth turn up like he was trying not to laugh. The doctor then patted me on the hand, smiled, and said, “Give this to the nurses when you go to the hospital. We’ll take good care of you, don’t you worry.” Right then I realized we were being “the first-time parents.”

Dave and I left the clinic a little embarrassed but chuckling at our newparentness. I should have further tickled my doctor’s funny bone by telling him we took the liberty of having his copy notarized.

Why are we told to make a birth plan if no one really takes it seriously?

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Looking for Mary Poppins

I need a housekeeper!! I don't really need her to sing merry little tunes and pull coat racks out of her carpet bag, though, if she could soar into the sky by way of umbrella, I’d pay a little extra.

I had cleaning help two years ago when we had three kids. I could use help now for a few months but I’m having trouble finding reliable (shows up when they say they will), local (don’t have to drive far), fast (doesn’t take an hour to clean a toilet) housekeeping help that I can afford. (The average price seems to have gone up $5/hour since I last hired. Dang gas prices!)

I just need a housekeeper every other week for an hour or two to do the things I cannot do right now (scrub floors, clean bathtubs, etc.). The problem I’ve been having is that the people who have been coming to get interviewed get distracted by other dirty things in the room and start cleaning those instead of focusing on the job I’ve asked of them, so the cleaning takes longer and then costs more. I don't care to have my trash bin rinsed out, and I can wipe counter tops myself. The other problem is that I'm not interested in hearing about how the world is going to hell and we are all being hypnotized. (Ok, that was just one housekeeper, and I won't go into details.) I'll stop whining now about needing a housekeeper before I sound like Paris Hilton.

Anyone here have a housekeeper they are using and like? Can you recommend anyone?

Monday, April 14, 2008

Ready, Freddy?

Five weeks y’all!

I get asked often “Are you ready to be done with it?” and the answer is *NO! I’m not ready yet!* I’m just NOW starting to prepare for a baby to come live with us.

My dear sister has lent me a couple bags of various-sized baby clothes, a swing, a bassinet, and a Boppy. A friend of ours made us a great quilt with “Baby Adhis” stitched on it. We had planned on getting the baby a cowgirl hat and strapping her to Indy’s back for neighborhood walks, but since my mom got us a car seat and stroller, I GUESS we’ll follow the herd and use those instead. My mother-in-law got us some onesies and a baby monitor. (With the monitor, we’ll never need a babysitter! E-VER!) Is there anything else a baby needs?

Yesterday, I bought a 40-pack of diapers and that should last us a couple months. So, what I’ve bought for our sweet baby is a crib, a dresser, and a pack of diapers. I think I’m set!

The crib and dresser FINALLY arrived. (Thank you to our great home teacher for helping us bring it home on Friday!) The shipping boxes for the crib were huge! I could walk in them without having to hunch over. It took longer to move the boxes and shipping material out of the house than it did to set the crib up.

[Here's a photo of the nursery so far. The nursery colors are tan, beige, and coral.]

The only snag was that the furniture ended up being larger than we thought they'd be and take up more space in the small room I chose for the nursery. We had planned on having a crib, dresser and a rocker in the nursery, but the dresser did not fit along the wall we had chosen, so we had to rearrange the room. Now there’s no room for a rocker (or anything else really) so we’re discussing an alternate plan. We’re going to build a deck just out of the baby’s second-story window and put the rocker there along with a Hanna Montana gas grill and a kiddie pool. Well, that’s the plan I proposed, but it yet needs to be approved by the HOA and the Husband. I don’t think the HOA will be a problem.

For now, I’ll focus on hanging something on the walls. Maybe. I’ve still got a WHOPPING 5 weeks left.