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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Relief Society Retreat and My Feet

Yes, that photo is of me... from my feet's perspective.

I don't think I'm hugely HUGE, however, I'm having trouble buckling Sunday dress shoes. And keeping my pants up. And breathing when I attempt bending over.

Speaking of feet... they seem to be growing. I don't really think they look different, but some of my shoes are becoming very uncomfortable. And the house shakes when I walk. And my feet hit the chandelier when I cross my legs.

Since becoming pregnant, I tend to leave my shoes for last when getting dressed to go out. Last Friday, I went to a Relief Society retreat. Before leaving the house, I threw on some boots. Well, the intention was to "just throw on" some boots. I squeezed my foot into a boot and thought, "huh, these socks must be too thick." My foot felt like it was being hugged by a boa constrictor. I changed into thin dress socks and still felt the same sensation. But since I was running a couple minutes late, I stuck with the boots. They didn't want to zip up though. I got some butter, a jar of Vaseline, and a crowbar and I successfully got my boots on.

(HunnyPot must have accidentally thrown my boots into the laundry and shrunk them. I'll have to talk to him about that.)

OH! Here are some photos of the women who came to the aforementioned Relief Society retreat. I don't recall Amber wearing a foil circle on her forehead so it can only mean it's time to freakin' clean my camera lens!!Front Row:
Jennica, Kat, Jamie, Cami, Summer, Nicole, Amy, Jana
, Marcela, Teri, Lynda
Second Row:
Kathy, Becky, Kristen, Ca
rrie, Amannda, Amelia, Chantille, Kim D.
Standing Row:
Donna, Gwen, Kari, Joan, Kim L., Amy, Aubrey S., Helen, Brooke F., Clarice, Brooke K., Amber C., Diana, Heidi, Janet, Sandra, Lizzette, Amber M., Mariah, Tiffany

Back Row:
Sheree, Carrie, Adhis, Christi, Aubrey W.

(Cami earned her princess crown by correctly guessing the day of the week I got pregnant.)

We need to
get together more often!

Brooke K. made this deeeelicious and beautiful cake for the event.


Aubrey said...

That was a fun night!! But seriously, did you have to post that pic of me?? Wow, can we say "DOUBLE CHIN!"??

Adhis said...

You were just fine until you saw me with the camera and started trying to pull back! That'll learn ya!

Jennica said...

What an awesome post, thanks for sharing your funny story (as always) and the pics. I am so glad you went to the retreat, where you go good times follow! I thought that it was halarious that Cami knew so much about you. I like that about are always real and that is cool to me.

Nathalie Smith said...

Oh My! Not many people would brag or show that "side" of them. Brave girl.
You look like an ompa lompa, actually the girl from that story who eats the blue gum and starts blowing up like a balloon. Ha, Ha! You can always look back and Laugh!

Kristen N said...

I am SO glad you made the blown up version of the group picture available. All my sisters! Well they probably forgot me, but I remember them! My heart felt all achy as I was looking at each person. I don't know if it was sad that I miss everyone or happy that I "saw" them again. There are several that I don't know but most I do. I love being with all the "old" ladies in RS here, but you have it pretty lucky yourself! I wish I could click on each person's picture and have the computer tell me everything they're up to these days. You can figure out a way to do that, right? =o)

Summer Adams said...

You are a crack up Adhis! You look grrrrrrreat!

Nice pic of me, what a cheese ball I am. That was a really fun night and I loooved your game. Such a blast!

Heidi said...

I'm so glad that you have all of these fun pictures up, and especially that one of me looking 'rock band tough' or something like that. :) Your game was a huge hit. All day Saturday I would say, "Jer, did you know..." and tell him the random facts about people.