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Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Practice, Practice, Practice

My sister lent us a baby bassinet which my husband promptly set up next to our bed. He asked me to pretend it was the middle of the night and get the doll out just as I would if it were our daughter.

We both lied down on the bed, and he cued the crying.

I “groggily” reached into the bassinet, grabbed the doll by a leg, and swung her into the bed.

Hunny was not amused.

I’ll get better over time. ;)


Kristen N said...

Awww, she looks just like you!

They say that parenting comes naturally. I agree. But if that's what comes naturally to you, maybe you should read up on it a bit. =o)

I bet the first thing you do as new parents is move the bassinet back into the baby's room. Maybe not.

I know how to do stripes! The cutest nursery stripes I've seen are in the house where the Guth's used to live. I think Tamra was going to do some too, but I never saw hers.

Now I know you like stripes!

Brooke said...

Well practice makes perfect! Maybe next time you should have hunny grabbed the baby and give her to you!!

James and Heather English said...

That is somewhat of a true life scenario with YOU being the one to grab(except not by the leg!) the baby since your hubby will sleep right through it. I remember when Carter was about a month old and I was SOO tired, James volunteered to get up with him for the night. I pumped a bottle and slept in a different room so I wouldn't hear the baby. After hearing Carter cry for about 15 minutes because James never heard him, I was so mad I just fed him myself and put him back to bed. James woke up the next morning and said, "The baby slept through the night!" Nice one.

Summer Adams said...

You are so funny. Heather's story above is a crack up!

Sunni said...

Hi Adhis! Sunni here, How are you? Looks like you're about to have an addition to your fam, congrats! Are you guys still in Lehi?

Adhis said...

Hi, Sunni!
Yep! Same town, same house, different body!