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Monday, March 31, 2008


Some Things Never Change...

I had my husband take a photo of my pregnant self yesterday morning. I intentionally wore the same thing for a fair comparison. I freakin' look the same! The only thing that has changed is my hair. A little.

<<-------- 22 WEEKS
32 WEEKS------->>

Maybe I won’t get any bigger.
I’ll just have less lung and stomach capacity and more foot.


And Some Things Do.

(or "We Were Only at Each Other’s Throats for a Couple Hours!")

We finally painted the nursery!
I wanted chocolate and cream. HunnyBuns did not. Since this is his baby too (and he was gracious enough about me painting the upstairs green), I brought home all the neutral-colored paintchips in the Lowe’s Olympic brand and had him pick out the shades he liked most.

We decided on a wall with stripes but neither of us had ever done stripes. Hubby brought home a laser level from work and we thought we were set, but then it turned out Hunny did not know how to make the laser work correctly for vertical lines. A bunch of grumbling and crankiness and so forth ensued from both our mouths. We ended up using a level and a pencil hoping all along the lines would come out “straight enough.”

This is what we got. Pretty good for our first attempt! I learned a lot for future painting reference.

This week, I will touch-up the big mistakes but let the smaller mistakes live. I am too pregnant to be very detailed anymore. Anyway, by the time our daughter is old enough to ask “what are all these marks from?” we’ll move her into the Big Girl Bedroom.


TheOrttFamily said...

Looks guys did a great job...not much longer..I better get a call to come and visit..

Kristen said...

Wow, you really do look the same. But you'll have to make a lot more room for the end product, streeetch.

I love the nursery. You can't see any flaws in the picture, so just make sure nobody ever goes inside the door. JK I'm sure it's just fine.

I imagined you and Dave serenading each other as you gracefully danced around the room with paintbrushes in hands and smiles on faces, so thanks for setting me straight.

Kikibug said...

Kristen, you are so funny.

Holy Cow, I am so jealous that you are the same size after 10 weeks! You look SOOOO BEAUTIFUL!!! Also jealous of that! Not fair, when I am pregnant I look like a swollen balloon from weeks 10 on.
The nursery looks AMAZING as well. Would you like to come show me how to paint? or better yet, just paint it for me? I can't imagine the patience that must have taken to complete that project. Looks great!

Nathalie Smith said...

there is a slight difference in your pics but not much! You still look great, enjoy it even though its not the most comfortable, because when she comes it won't be cute to look still pregos.

The nursey turned out great! I wish I could of done one for my girls!

Summer Adams said...

IMPRESSIVE!!! You did a fantastic job. I've always wanted to do that too but not brave enough. Way to go you guys!

chelon:) said...

you'll get bigger!! and if you don't...NOT FAIR!! you look great and i love the blog pic at the top...fabulous!!

Heidi said...

I LOVE the paint job in the nursery! It makes me want to try it out!

M&M said...

Thanks for the birthday wishes! The nursery looks great. I can't believe how awesome you look at 32 weeks. I hope I get to see you when I come to Utah in a couple of weeks. (Can I get my tongs, ha ha!!)

Utah_Dave said...

We still have your tongs! But you have to come have dinner at our house to get them back!!!!! :)

Adhis said...

And Dave has to do the cooking!

Kristen said...

You really shouldn't talk about babies and tongs in the same paragraph, I was a bit baffled. But now I get it - somebody left their SALAD tongs at your house. I thought they were wanting to help deliver the baby!

Where is your 33 week picture now? =o)

Adhis said...

I'll probably wait until week 36 to take another photo. I do feel that I went through a belly growth spurt this past week though, so hopefully, the next photo will look different!

Kristen said...

I forgot to tell you, the day you were up on a ladder painting the nursery... After telling you to be careful, I went outside just in time to see our very pregnant mother cat jumping several feet in the air to catch a BIRD, and she got it! Go pregnant ladies! Come see the news about her on my blog. =o) You can do it too!

Adhis said...

At this stage, I'm about as inclined to catch a bird as I am to give the bird. (I don't do the latter at any stage of pregnancy or non-pregnancy, in case I just made you wonder.) But way to go, Mommy Cat!