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Saturday, March 15, 2008

10 Weeks to Go and a Bit of a Scare

Do you know I only have 10 weeks to go??? TEN!! It seems like such a short time ago that I was saying, “Let’s wait until January to paint the nursery.” Even back then, January seemed like a ways off.

I checked the calendar today; Did you know January already passed?!? I must have slept through the alarm.

We still haven’t bought anything for the baby. (Denial?) It’s not completely our fault though. We DID go to purchase this crib and dresser in February but they were on backorder, so we weren’t even allowed to place an order. That kinda quashed our “get ready for the baby” mode. Don’t worry though; we’ll paint the nursery. Sometime. Maybe when HunnyPot gets back from the Bahamas.

Yes, my husband is in the Bahamas. He’s been there all week for work. I could have gone had I not been pregnant. ::pout::

He goes out of town a lot but usually it’s to San Diego, Detroit, Miami, D.C., places within our country’s borders so I usually get to talk with him on the phone while he’s gone if I haven’t decided to accompany him.

But this time, his work was in the Bahamas. The work cell phone doesn’t work there. Hunny’s cell phone doesn’t work there, so we had email and, if we were lucky to be online at the same time, internet phone. I tried to suck it up and think “it’s only a week,” not such a big deal.

It did bug me though when I went to Lamaze class on Wednesday by my lonesome. I huffed and I puffed but I didn’t get any hugs or kisses when I was done.

It bugged me on Thursday when I went to the Lindon Cannery to get some Things-to-Eat-When-the-End-of-the-World-Gets-Here. I had a good time there as I usually do, but when I got home, I realized I couldn’t carry the #10 cans down to the basement. I did it anyway in a million little trips.

On Friday, I was getting ready to go to a dental appointment when I decided to call my OB about some symptoms I had been feeling the past couple days. I expected to get “oh, just keep an eye on it and just watch out for blahblahblah.” Instead, I got “you need to go to Labor & Delivery.” I tripped over my tongue and then tried backpedaling by saying the symptoms weren’t that bad or I could wait to see if they just went away, but she insisted. I hung up and cried.

There I was, wanting my husband but not being able to talk to him in the Bahamas and tell him what was going on. That really “bugged” me.

After a few uttered prayers, I was able to compose myself. I called my dentist, cancelled the appointment, packed some things, and headed out the door.

Long story, short-- Everything looks good: the baby's heartbeat, my placenta (it was the cutest placenta you ever did see!), my kidneys, etc, etc. The worst part about the hospital visit was spending 4 hours in the exam room by myself waiting for the nurses to come in to check on me while I lied on a gurney strapped to the monitor. I was so BORED. (But bored is better than worried.)

I did get spoiled by getting an ultrasound. I got to see my baby girl: her big eyes, her round little cheeks, and her comically-pumping heart. I can't wait to see her soon.

I can’t wait until HunnyPot gets home tonight.

The ultrasound tech gave me a photo of baby's face
but it wasn't the cute pudgy-cheeked one-- oh nooo--
gave me the scary Terminator skull-faced one seen here:

For now, I guess I'll have to go on my memory and on this 3-D photo the hospital gave me back in January.


We're Wingin It said...

I love the picture! That is coolest ange, I wish I had one! And you are not big at all--in fact you are pretty tiny for 30 weeks. I can't believe you are almost done. Wow, sorry about the ER visit alone--that is never fun. I am glad everything looks good.

Heidi said...

Glad to hear that you're doing fine now. With Lindsay (my second) we had a lot of those, "just go be monitored" trips and they were boring! With Macie (my third) the nurse on the phone made it sound like I was going in to have a baby and not just the 'be monitored' bit, so I called Jeramy and made him come with me. We were both bored out of our minds and were sent home with no baby. :( I feel for ya there! It's always comforting to hear her heart beat though.

TheOrttFamily said...

ummm why did you not call a friend (ME ) to go with you while your hubby was gone...its boring having to sit there by yourself..I can't believe you dont have that much will be here before you know it..miss ya...V-

Keri and Corey said...

I have to tell you that I love reading some of your posts. I think you are totally hillariouse! Congrats on your upcoming baby girl and I love your photo of your cool.

Kristen N said...

Adhis just sent me the nicest email ever! You're a sweetheart, thanks for taking the time to do that. Really.

I love the nursery furniture. Is that in your house or are you still waiting for it?

How are you liking your Lamaze class? Aside from being there by yourself last time? Oops lots of questions. Love ya!