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Monday, February 11, 2008

Our Furry Child

Look how cute he is!
And he better get his freakin’ act together before this baby comes!

Indy is our cairn terrier of three years. He turned 5 years old a few weeks ago. We got him for free off Freecycle; we weren't looking for a dog, but when I saw the listing for a young cairn terrier who came neutered, microchipped, and pedigreed with his own leash, toys, and doghouse I told Honeymoonie about it. His response, "let's just go look at him" sent us driving into Santaquin to the dog's location.

I remember sitting in the young family's living room when a scraggly-looking dog ran in and jumped on our laps. I thought, "He is filthy. Let's get out of here!" He looked nothing like the photos of cairn terriers I had googled just hours earlier. This dog was dirty, matted, icky. Honeymoonie said "let's get him!" while I tried sending him telepathic "hell no" messages through my eyes. I faked a smile and asked "Really? You sure?"

The following minutes were a blur. The next thing I remember is riding home in my husband's old hatchback with a dog peering at us quietly through a doghouse sitting in the back. It has been love ever since. At least for me.

About a month later, Honeymoonie threatened me with "we're getting rid of your dog!" MY dog had been pooping and peeing in the house and Honey was sick of dealing with it. I asked the vet for advice, and he gladly printed off some information for me. Within a couple weeks, Indy was trained. (He's a smart dog; we just aren't smart trainers.)

Not long after Indy had learned to do his business outside, I overheard Honeymoonie talking to someone about HIS dog.

"YOUR dog??" I exclaimed. "Ha! Caught ya!"

Now OUR dog has Honeymoonie wrapped around his paw.

Indy is an intelligent dog who can pick up on new commands within 10-15 minutes of being introduced to them... as long as I actually spend 10-15 minutes on introducing them to him.

Currently, Indy needs to stop going berserk* whenever he sees the UPS truck, the FedEx truck, the mail carrier, the garbage truck, kids on bikes, dogs on leashes, cats on the prowl, and leaves floating by. (*Berserk meaning barking up an ugly storm while throwing himself against the windows and scratching off the drywall under windowsills.) It’s not that he can’t get it, it’s that I’m not consistent enough in teaching him. After all, it's a challenge to teach him to become familiar with the garbage truck when said truck only shows up for a few minutes once a week.

The second thing Indy needs to learn is that human children are always higher up than he is in the chain of command even if he has been here longer. This he needs to learn in less than 3 months. However, that involves undoing the million times the following has occurred:

If only I could stop spoiling MY dog.


Kristen N said...

Hey Indy, remember me? I took you around the block a few times. Those were the days...

Adhis, can I add your blog on my friends' list?

Dave, hi.

Summer Adams said...

Oh, what a cute pup. He's just a little bit bigger than Giorgio, our Yorkshire Terrier. You've prob seen him. He runs all around the neighborhood doing his "business" on everyone's lawn. But at least it's not in our house, hee hee.

BTW, you are looking absolutely adorable pregnant!