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Sunday, January 6, 2008

Halfway There

Yep-- I'm halfway there! I'm 5 months and a day along in my pregnancy. Even though I've been feeling the rare "stirring" within me since the evening of Sunday, December 23rd, I am claiming yesterday (January 5th) as the day I felt DEFINITE and multiple baby movements in my pelvis. It's aliiiiiiiive!

This Wednesday, we will have confirmation of the baby's gender when we go in for THE ultrasound. Honeymoonie is excited but also not-so-much because seeing the baby will launch me into "design the nursery" mode, which means he'll have to paint. (He won't let me paint unless I find a pregnancy-safe wall paint for me to handle.) He hates painting.

Oh-- I do not fit in my regular clothes anymore, which leads me to believe there are really two (or 5) babies inside me despite the doctor's reassurances that there is only one. So... with my birthday coming up in 9 days, feel free to send me some gift cards so I may purchase some circus tents (i.e. comfortable maternity clothes).

UPDATE: Here SHE is a few days after this blog entry.

Notice the leg positions in the photos. She had been kicking up a storm.