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Monday, November 12, 2007

The Three-Month Mark

I'd like to write about various things events and thoughts I've had, but this pregnancy has been keeping me under its power, so I can only speak in regards to it at this time. Let's see what actually makes it to the keyboard.

I am still very tired mostly from bedrest-induced insomnia. I have been sleeping two hours a night for at least a month now. (Oh, yeah. Did I mention I've been on and off bedrest since September?) We purchased a TempurPedic bed that should be delivered here in an hour or two. I am putting a lot of hope on that bed to help me sleep better.

For as much as that bed costs, I'm expecting AT LEAST three midgets to hop out of the memory foam tonight to massage my scalp, neck and back!

I am three months along in this pregnancy. Woohoo! That's the furthest I have ever been. While it will be fun to find out in a month or so what gender this baby is, I am most excited by the hope of having more energy as I enter the second trimester. Energy = good.

I always thought I'd be the cute little pregnant woman running around continuing her normal routine as her belly expanded. Guess not. Instead, I'm the chunky haggard pregnant woman grunting whenever she gets up out of a chair... and that's before the baby belly kicks in! Due to aforementioned exhaustion, I have quit work, dropped guitar lessons and have requested "holds" on my university courses. Currently, my goals for each day are to sleep longer, eat better, drink more water, and walk outside.

Another thing on my mind is the taming of our cairn terrier Indy. That sucker has 6 months to get his freakin' act together, specifically, not barking loudly at passing delivery trucks and kids biking around the neighborhood, not squealing and yelping at approaching dogs minding their own business and guests entering our home, not slamming himself against window sills when going berzerk, and not pulling me on our walks. I use much of my small daily reserve of energy on training him since we have only a few months to ready him for a baby in the house.

Boy, this entry is boring me. Fortunately, the bed just arrived, and it's calling my name. Little midgets, here I come!