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Sunday, March 18, 2007

Guitar Fingers & Insomnia

Is it time already for my monthly blog entry?

Well… I'm still sticking with the guitar though I'm still convinced my dwarf fingers qualify me to hang a blue handicap tag on my guitar neck. Still, I've given up some little vanities in pursuit of guitar skillz: long nails on my left hand and cute bracelets on my right hand. Had it been required to cut my hair short to learn the guitar, I would have picked up the drums instead.

I've been suffering from insomnia for the last month. I had previously heard of people dealing with insomnia but I just thought it was because they went to bed too late or didn't wind down before shutting the lights off. Boy- was I wrong. I hate this thing. I fall asleep 3 hours before it's time to get up and I wake up with my muscles aching, my chest feeling tight and my skin feeling like it's sunburned. I'm theorizing that this situation will resolve itself as soon as I'm back in the habit of working out. That's my hope, at least... Wear my body out, sleep through the night.

Alright, now you're caught up. ;)

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