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Sunday, February 18, 2007

The Next Thing

After being go-go-go for a year, I am being swallowed up by it's complete opposite: Having nowhere to be and nothing specific to do.

Don't get me wrong; I've enjoyed, for a little while, sleeping in, lounging about, mourning our family's change, reading, surfing the web, playing with the dog, enjoying laid back time with the husband, taking up Pilates, and strumming the guitar, but I'm ready for more. I need something engaging: a thing that's Me-but-I-didn't-know-it-so-I-didn't-do-it-before Me.

Get a full-time job? Go to college? Work in real estate? Do charity work? Pursue a world record? Transform my body? Start a new business?

I feel that this is a time to begin something new. There are endless possibilities out there and I don't know What is "the thing" now. Or How. But more importantly What as the How always seems to unveil itself anyhow.

I recently took an online test to match up my interests with possible careers or occupations. After answering 71 questions, they listed the top 20 matches but, of course, only showed me 11 through 20 since I didn't pay for their program. Here they are:

11 Training Service: human resource development

12 Journalism and Editorial: write, edit, publish news

13 Creative Writing: author, imagination, vocabulary

14 Customer Services: clerical, duplicating, sending

15 Creative Entertainment: imagination; spontaneous

16 Instructive, Fine arts: drama, art, music

17 Demonstration sales: store contact with customers

18 Decorating and Art Work: desgin, arrange, consult

19 Secretarial: clerical; minor executive assignments

20 Specialty Entertainment: please others to make sales

I wonder what the top 10 matches were. Rock star? Queen? I'm sure it was cool stuff like that since I'd be really good at it. (Le'Sigh… I shall never know.) I'm especially curious because most of the suggestions they did let me see aren't very interesting to me. I dig the journalism and creative writing suggestions, but… Secretarial? Instructing in the fine arts? Demonstration sales? What???

I'm open to suggestions on reading material, ideas, occupations, and connections. I'll consider it all even if it's something that takes years to progress through. My calendar is currently open as is my mind.

So, what have you?